Baby Starks: Week 17

Hello, friends! Happy week 17!

How big is the baby?


Baby is now up to the size of a medium navel orange! I neglected to grab one at the store, so, sadly, no produce for comparison this week. The belly is definitely becoming large and in charge. I forget sometimes that it’s there, and knock things over with my girth when I forget that I can’t fit into tiny spaces anymore. I’ve concluded that my short torso provides nowhere for this baby to go but out! My maternity tops now fit more appropriately, and I don’t look like I’m trying too hard anymore. And with still no weight gain since our last update, that belly is quickly becoming less tacos and more baby.

How am I changing?

Honestly, not a ton to report in this category. Other than continuing to grow, not much has changed. I am happy to report than my hormonal acne seems to be clearing up. I am intermittently very tired again, though, and my feet become sore more quickly than they used to, and have even begun to swell if I get too warm or seem to eat too much salt throughout the day. I’ve been wearing compression socks at work for a while now, so luckily my feet are tolerating work just fine, but I wore sandals while we were out and about on a hot day a couple weekends ago and came home to find that the straps had left deep imprints in my feet. It’s going to be a long summer.


One big change that I am very happy to report is that I am most definitely feeling kicks now! They’re still very light, and I only notice them if I am still (like sitting on the couch, snuggling kitties), but they are definitely happening! I’ve been very excited about it, as you can imagine. There for a couple of weeks when I was feeling better and not really noticing any movement, I could almost forget sometimes that I was pregnant. But there’s no forgetting now!

How am I feeling?

Again, not a lot of changes here.

My gag reflex continues to be very sensitive. I took care of adult patients last week, and found the sound of suctioning to be extra revolting. I gagged and nearly lost my lunch while helping a nice older gentleman with oral care! Not my finest moment, but thankfully he understood.


My energy remains pretty good most days, too. I actually spent a whole day bike riding in San Francisco last week! I biked 8 miles, from Fisherman’s Wharf, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into Sausalito. After which I slept very well. 🙂


Speaking of sleep, I had also mentioned in my last post that sleep was becoming a problem. Well, my giant body pillow came in, and I am happy to report that it has helped tremendously! Robbie is not impressed with how much space it takes up in the bed and how it impedes the snuggles, but it has done wonders for helping me to get comfortable for more than 2 minutes at a time. This is especially true now that I officially can no longer lie on my stomach at all. I’ve also taken to sleeping in a stretchy sports bra, as the soft support helps the strain on my back. It ain’t pretty, but it helps.

Also, wicked vivid dreams. Some of them have been rather dramatic, and focusing a lot on jealousy, lately. (Guess I have some underlying issues, eh?) One common theme, though: my baby is always a girl. Is my subconscious clairvoyant??? We’ll know in another 3 weeks!

In the meantime, we’re just waiting patiently, and riding the feeling-good train while it lasts. See you guys in another 2 weeks!



Baby Starks: Week 15

Happy week 15, everyone!

How big is the baby? 


Baby has now graduated to the size of an avocado! And maybe it’s the stretchy skirt or all the tacos I’ve been eating, but I do definitely feel huge. (I think this is going to be a continuing theme… every week, I’m going to feel like I’m enormous.) And considering that I’m only up a total of 6 pounds from pre-pregnancy – with no change from last week, actually – I think a fair amount of the belly is actually baby now and not just me.

Also, every once in a while, if I am leaning over or lying on my stomach, I think I might be able to feel some little flutters. It’s hard to tell whether they’re really kicks or not – and I’m skeptical because the ultrasound tech said that my placenta is anterior, so it may take longer for me to feel anything – but it’s exciting to hope and wonder. I can hardly wait until I really start feeling some movement in there!

How am I changing?

Well, like I said, I feel huge. Yet, I’m in this awkward stage where none of my normal clothes fit well anymore but all of my maternity tops still look too big or like I’m trying too hard to say “Look at me! I’m pregnant!” What are most uncomfortable for me right now are the scrubs for work. I feel like my hips have already gotten wider or my butt has gotten bigger, because I can barely pull my normal scrubs on over my backside anymore. (Robbie and I agreed that maybe my butt is growing to keep me from tipping over as I become more and more top heavy, lol.) And the boxy, zero-stretch hospital-issue scrubs are uncomfortable in the waist if I sit too long. So I spend most of my days off in stretchy skirts, and I even ordered a few dresses, because I just don’t want to wear pants anymore at all if I can help it.

Also, randomly, I’ve had a crazy outbreak of hormonal acne in the last week. I struggled with hormonal acne before I got pregnant – just one of my many PCOS-like symptoms – but then it cleared up during the first trimester. I was hoping that I’d be good to go for my whole pregnancy, but now I’m not so sure. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse.

How am I feeling?

During the throes of morning sickness and all-day nausea, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to feel better. But by God, I feel like a new woman now! Week 14 really seemed to be the turning point. It was like I woke up one morning and just felt, well, normal.

I will say, though, that mornings are still a little touchy. I haven’t needed to get up to eat in the middle of the night for about a week now, but my gag reflex is still really sensitive first thing in the morning. It’s not so much nausea, as just this feeling that if I gag at all the last thing I ate will simply come back up at any moment. Like the other morning… I ate an easy bowl of cereal right after waking up, felt just fine, no nausea at all, but then I gagged while taking my tiny little blood pressure pill and then it was all over. So now I wait until I’ve been up for a couple of hours before I try to take any pills at all.


But otherwise, I can eat whatever I want! I’ve been eating lots of tacos to make up for all the ones I couldn’t stomach during the first trimester… at this rate, I may give birth to a taco instead of a baby. Sweet things don’t even upset my stomach anymore, although I am still trying to be careful not to eat to many of those. I can even eat spicy food again! Bring on the sriracha!


I’ve also had a ton more energy lately. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty consistently, and even went for a swim the other day. I think I’m going to try to make swimming a more consistent part of my routine this summer, because I really love it. It’s a good workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, and it’s just as good for my mind as it is for my body.

But on the energy subject, sleep has become more difficult over the last couple of weeks. It’s becoming harder and harder to get comfortable – my back and hips seem to hate any position that isn’t just flat on my back, which I’m trying to avoid since everything you read says that it puts too much pressure on vital organs once you hit the second trimester. I’ve ordered a special J-shaped body pillow to help with side-sleeping, so hopefully it works. I also don’t feel like I sleep as deeply lately, either. Maybe it’s because I’m not just flat-out exhausted anymore, but I feel like I’m back to having terrible night-shift brain that just never rests. I guess it’s just good preparation for the lack of sleep I’ll be getting come December.

IMG_4094 2

Oliver wants to make sure he’s still part of the family, too. 🙂

And that’s about it! Have a great week!