Baby Starks: Week 17

Hello, friends! Happy week 17!

How big is the baby?


Baby is now up to the size of a medium navel orange! I neglected to grab one at the store, so, sadly, no produce for comparison this week. The belly is definitely becoming large and in charge. I forget sometimes that it’s there, and knock things over with my girth when I forget that I can’t fit into tiny spaces anymore. I’ve concluded that my short torso provides nowhere for this baby to go but out! My maternity tops now fit more appropriately, and I don’t look like I’m trying too hard anymore. And with still no weight gain since our last update, that belly is quickly becoming less tacos and more baby.

How am I changing?

Honestly, not a ton to report in this category. Other than continuing to grow, not much has changed. I am happy to report than my hormonal acne seems to be clearing up. I am intermittently very tired again, though, and my feet become sore more quickly than they used to, and have even begun to swell if I get too warm or seem to eat too much salt throughout the day. I’ve been wearing compression socks at work for a while now, so luckily my feet are tolerating work just fine, but I wore sandals while we were out and about on a hot day a couple weekends ago and came home to find that the straps had left deep imprints in my feet. It’s going to be a long summer.


One big change that I am very happy to report is that I am most definitely feeling kicks now! They’re still very light, and I only notice them if I am still (like sitting on the couch, snuggling kitties), but they are definitely happening! I’ve been very excited about it, as you can imagine. There for a couple of weeks when I was feeling better and not really noticing any movement, I could almost forget sometimes that I was pregnant. But there’s no forgetting now!

How am I feeling?

Again, not a lot of changes here.

My gag reflex continues to be very sensitive. I took care of adult patients last week, and found the sound of suctioning to be extra revolting. I gagged and nearly lost my lunch while helping a nice older gentleman with oral care! Not my finest moment, but thankfully he understood.


My energy remains pretty good most days, too. I actually spent a whole day bike riding in San Francisco last week! I biked 8 miles, from Fisherman’s Wharf, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into Sausalito. After which I slept very well. 🙂


Speaking of sleep, I had also mentioned in my last post that sleep was becoming a problem. Well, my giant body pillow came in, and I am happy to report that it has helped tremendously! Robbie is not impressed with how much space it takes up in the bed and how it impedes the snuggles, but it has done wonders for helping me to get comfortable for more than 2 minutes at a time. This is especially true now that I officially can no longer lie on my stomach at all. I’ve also taken to sleeping in a stretchy sports bra, as the soft support helps the strain on my back. It ain’t pretty, but it helps.

Also, wicked vivid dreams. Some of them have been rather dramatic, and focusing a lot on jealousy, lately. (Guess I have some underlying issues, eh?) One common theme, though: my baby is always a girl. Is my subconscious clairvoyant??? We’ll know in another 3 weeks!

In the meantime, we’re just waiting patiently, and riding the feeling-good train while it lasts. See you guys in another 2 weeks!



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