Baby Starks: Week 19

It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s week 19 already. This pregnancy is already almost half over! On one hand it feels like just yesterday that I first saw those 2 pink lines and December seems so far away, and on the other it feels like the weeks are just flying by and this baby will be here long before we are ready. But the most exciting part of being halfway through is that we get to find out the gender next week! I am so anxious I can hardly stand it.


So how big is baby?

This week baby graduated to the size of a grapefruit!

How am I feeling?

Generally, still pretty good. Heartburn has come back with a vengeance , especially in the evenings. And my feet hurt like crazy by the end of a day at work. I’ve even taken to wearing my squishy flip flops around the house because the hard kitchen floor makes my feet hurt in just the time it takes to make dinner.

How am I changing?


I am growing… everywhere. Dinner prep isn’t only difficult because my feet hurt, but also because my belly is starting to get in the way! It pushes uncomfortably against the counter when I try to reach too far… does this mean I can get out of doing dishes for the next 21 weeks? Sadly, belly growth also means that I noticed my first stretch marks this week. I haven’t been consistent with using my cocoa butter belly cream so far, but seeing those first marks has me vowing to be more diligent. And, honestly, baby isn’t the only one who’s grown in the last two weeks. After 3 weeks without any weight gain, I was beginning to worry that I wasn’t eating enough to support the baby’s growth, so I let myself eat pretty much whatever I wanted… and subsequently gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks. So it’s time to be more diligent about eating well, and getting back to the gym.

Also growing: my feet. I’m not sure I can say that it’s just swelling anymore, because even at the beginning of the day I have difficulty getting my feet into shoes that were once loose. I shudder to imagine how they will be in another few months.


I’m also beginning to really experience cravings. A few weeks ago I wanted lemon-flavored sweets – which I indulgently satisfied with lemon-cheesecake ice cream one day and a rich lemon cupcake two days later. This was especially strange because I normally don’t care for lemon-y desserts, but it just sounded so good! Then last week I randomly started craving chocolate milk. The craving hit while I was at work, and I was very sad to discover that neither of my hospitals carry it! Something about a ban on sugary drinks and snacks (they also don’t carry full sugar soda… ugh, California). But c’mon… what children’s hospital doesn’t carry chocolate milk?! Luckily now that I have some in my fridge, it has been satisfying my cravings for sweets. I feel a teeny bit better about having a cup of chocolate milk instead of ice cream or a big fat piece of chocolate.

I’m still feeling some occasional kicks from the baby, though they’re still pretty faint most of the time, and we definitely can’t feel them from the outside yet. It’s still mostly a “Hmm, what was that?” kind of sensation when it happens. But James playfully poked me in the belly the other day, and he was very amused when I told him that very soon he might get poked back! He also brought a stuffed Cat in the Hat and a small knit blanket for the baby when he came back from visiting his grandma in Idaho last week, and he was very excited to share. I have no doubt that he’s going to be a great big brother.

And lastly, I feel like I’ve developed “pregnancy brain,” because I am super forgetful these days. I keep uncharacteristically leaving things in various places, accidentally putting the cereal box in the fridge, and forgetting important things like my chiropractor appointment that I remembered 2 hours after I was supposed to have been there. Whoops!


And I think that’s it for this week! Unless pregnancy brain has me forgetting something… who knows.

See you next time for the big gender reveal! Eeeee!


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