Baby Starks: Week 33

Hello, friends! It’s week 33, and we are in the home stretch!


How big is the baby?

Baby Jack is now roughly 17 inches long, and about the size of a honeydew melon! He could weigh over 4 pounds by now, and boy does that feel right. Definitely feeling enormous over here.

How am I feeling?

Honestly? Pretty tired and grumpy most of the time. Everything is a challenge these days. Transitioning from standing to sitting or getting back up again has become very hard, especially since our little guy seems to have positioned himself lower in my belly now and is putting lots of pressure on my pelvis. I can hardly bend over to put my socks on anymore, and if I drop something on the floor it is likely to stay there. My back is tight most days from trying to reach around my giant belly to do things as simple as wash the dishes.

And swelling is real, y’all. The other night, we went to the movies and I enjoyed some buttery, salty popcorn, and by the time we went home my flip flops were cutting into my feet and my hands were too swollen to make a fist. At work, I have a habit of kicking my Danskos off when I have time sit… well, the other day I couldn’t get them back on when I went to stand back up. And that swelling that’s been causing my fingers to go numb for the last few months has turned into full blown carpal tunnel. I have very little hand strength for doing things like squeezing my shampoo bottle or unscrewing the top off of the milk. I now sleep with a wrist brace, and simply deal with the fact that I won’t feel my right hand for most of the day.

Being tired and uncomfortable all of the time has also made me very grumpy. I do apologize to everyone for being so short-tempered lately… I’m just at the end of my patience with it all. Thankfully, a perk of living in socialized California means that I only have 3 more weeks left of work, and, especially since I have worked two jobs during the entirety of this pregnancy, I am so very ready for that date to be here.


Of note, though, we did have a little scare last week. I had my normal 32-week doctor’s appointment last Monday, and mentioned to my OB that I had been having some cramping over that weekend. To be safe, she ran a fetal fibronectin test, which can indicate that preterm labor may be happening, and it came back positive. So I got to spend a couple of hours in the labor and delivery department at the hospital, hooked up to a monitor to make sure that baby’s heart rate was fine and that I wasn’t having contractions. Thankfully, everything was fine on that front, and I got a nice long opportunity to hear his heartbeat. It turns out, though, that I did have an infection… that was the likely cause of the cramps, and the cramps the likely cause of the positive fFN. They started me on some antibiotics, and thankfully I have not had any more cramping since.


They say that every normal pregnancy has at least one scare, and hopefully that was mine. But I do have a sneaking suspicion that he’s going to make an early appearance… something tells me 37 weeks is as far as we’ll get. I’m hoping he’ll stay put long enough for me to have a good couple of weeks off from work first, though, to rest and prepare before he comes. But in case he doesn’t, I’m busy busy in full-blown nesting mode. I’ve washed and put away most of his clothes and linens, and our hospital bags are mostly packed. I’ve bought diapers and wipes and shampoo. I even have nursing tops and postpartum supplies for me. We’re definitely almost ready!


Speaking of nursing tops, one little project I’m currently working on is altering some camis for myself. They make lovely nursing tanks that you can buy that have a loop to clip into your nursing bra, so the top of the tank easily comes down for feeding. However, the ones I’ve found run over $20 a piece, and that just seemed ridiculous to me, especially when I’m going to need several since I will probably wear one just about every day. So I just bought some cheap camis from Old Navy, cut the straps, and sewed a loop on each side myself. I have only done a few so far, as it’s taking me a little while to sew them with the current condition of my hands, but I feel pretty good about all the money I saved. Pinterest for the win!


Things seem to be going well with the gestational diabetes, too. I’m kind of in a sweet spot, where I know what I can and cannot eat and how to pair things so I can get away with eating higher glycemic foods. For instance, my pancreas really seems to like red meat. I get my best numbers when I eat beef or pork, so I know that’s the best time to eat potatoes or to have a couple of bites of dessert. Which is good, considering that I have actually been craving steak for the first time in my life. I’ve also been randomly craving mushrooms for the first time ever… just ask my mother, I have never in my life even liked mushrooms, despite her best efforts throughout my childhood. Pregnancy is weird, y’all.


And that’s about it for this week! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated if any more crazy changes pop up. đŸ™‚ Later!

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