In Real Life: Week 2

A second week of 2017 come and gone!

I’ve been playing with filters a lot again. It’s pretty fun to see what I can do.

This goof ball likes to hang out while I get ready.


James got a Lego Millenium Falcon for his birthday, so he and Robbie have been putting it together. There’s only been a little bit of yelling.


Lego Chewbacca makes me laugh.


Sunday snuggles with Daddy.


I had to go to the recorder’s office to pick up Jack’s birth certificate this week. Apparently they don’t just automatically send you one… you have to formally request one. Who knew? (I guess someone mentioned it while we were in the hospital, but hey, that was a pretty stressful, exhausting few days. No one should have expected me to remember any of that.)


The stacks of books were impressive. Can you imagine keeping hard records of literally every important document for the entire county for years and years? Thank God for the digital age.


The whale baby bath tub is tired of your shenanigans.


We finished off the week with a trip to Idaho to visit family! I was honestly pretty nervous about flying with Jack, but luckily we had a direct flight and he slept in the wrap carrier the whole time.


We spent lots of time with Grandma Gigi…


…and Grandma Carrie…


…and Grandpa Foreman…


…and Auntie Meggie.


Little Boo even had his 2-month birthday while we were there! We celebrated with a welcome open house, where he got to meet lots of our Idaho friends and extended family. He had to dress up for his big party, of course… in his adorable plaid shirt and his first pair of baby jeans.


How adorable is this cupcake display that my mom’s friend, Shannon, made for us?


It was pretty special seeing my grandparents meet Jack for the first time.

img_2472  img_0233  fullsizerender-4

We also spent lots of time with my friend, Savannah. She’s basically been family since 7th grade.


And we got to meet her new baby girl, too.


You might remember the photo on the left from last May…

IMG_3973 fullsizerender-5

Man, a lot has changed since then.

Poor Idaho has just been pounded with record amounts of snow for the last 3 weeks. People here are (understandably) very tired of it, but I have been loving it. This is how winter should be.


Floor time with Grandma.


My feet have officially grown a full size since I had Jack. My dad very generously bought me a new pair of boots for my birthday (which is Tuesday!), since mine no longer fit. They’re so comfy and cute, I may not wear any other shoes for a long time.


Jack is pretty tired of being passed around this weekend. “Enough, Mom. Let me sleep.”


We’re still here until tomorrow night. We’ve got a date for some hot cocoa this afternoon, and then Robbie and I are going on our first date alone since Jack was born! It isn’t romantic, but we may opt for Mongolian BBQ one more time…


Until next week…

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