In Real Life: Week 3

The third week of 2017 was a busy one! Which basically means most of these are going to be baby photos, because that’s all mama had time for, lol.

Like this one! Of our little wiggle boo in his new BSU jammies. We got a lot of BSU stuff while we were in Idaho.


Monday night my parents graciously agreed to watch the boys so Robbie and I could go on a real date. We were mostly celebrating my birthday (which was Tuesday), but also our anniversary that happened the week before. Mom told me to get dessert… I decided I wanted a fancy drink, too.


And then Robbie surprised me with this…


…he done good!

Tuesday was, sadly, our last day in Idaho. We celebrated my birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and, of course, the obligatory sombrero. Usually it’s Megan wearing the sombrero!


It was nice to see the sunset over the Owhyees one more time.


“Mama, why are you upside down?” His little eyes are getting so much better and focusing and following me around the room.


Artemis was not impressed that she kept trying to snuggle against Jack’s foot and kept getting kicked in the head instead. No one ever claimed she was very smart.


I bought this little coffee mug from my favorite coffee shop before we left. It’s been raining again all week, and it cheered me up to have a little piece of home on a dreary morning.


Chunky monkey had his 2-month appointment on Friday. He’s nearly doubled his birthweight, is almost 24″ long, and has a giant noggin that registers in the 82nd percentile! Rocking some more of his new BSU clothes, too.


We won’t talk about what also happened on Friday. All we can do is laugh to keep from crying.


Loved this photo from one of the Women’s Marches on Saturday. I wish I could have participated. (PS: Not my photo.)


And with that, I shall leave you with BB8 baby butt. Aren’t these pants my friend, Jenica, made just awesome?


Til next week, friends!

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