In Real Life: Week 6

Week 6 of 2017 was a doozy.

It started with the Super Bowl. There were many much nachos consumed. #thisiswhyimfat


I may have also partaken in a gratuitous amount of rum and diet coke.


Then, on Monday, mama went back to work.

I transitioned to a different role after maternity leave. I’m now a “Respiratory Care Specialist,” which is a fancy way of saying that I get to do a lot more patient education. Plus it’s Monday through Friday, no weekends, no holidays, which is going to be so nice with a growing family.

I felt pretty snazzy in my new professional lab coat.


I’m also pretty excited that I get my own desk! With two computer screens! The nerd in me can hardly contain herself right now.


I didn’t cry once the whole day… until I got home. And then I sobbed all over Jack’s jammies because it was already bedtime by the time I got there, and I didn’t really get any time with him that day.

Mama missed you, baby boy.


But I know he’s well taken care of when our nanny sends me adorable pictures like this one all day long.


How can you resist that face?


It’s been a crazy week for weather and road conditions. We’ve had one of the wettest winters on record in a very long time, and it just continues to rain. The ground simply can’t hold any more water right now, and the mountains are starting to give way.

This giant slide happened on Tuesday and is still effing up our commute. In fact, they’ve suspended trying to clear it right now because a person died while working on it this week. Look closely, and you’ll see that the mud has pushed the concrete barrier from the shoulder into the median, and is actually spilling into the other side of traffic.


So this is what the commute has looked like for most of us, as we try to find other ways to get between San Jose and Santa Cruz with highway 17 basically shut down for most of the week. Unfortunately, many of the alternate routes are closed now, too, as landslides occur there and as roads never intended to see this much traffic with this much precipitation start literally crumbling into the earth. There’s only been one night this week where I made it home in under 3 hours.


In fact, the traffic was so awful one morning that I just turned around and came home. Luckily my boss let me do a little work from home, and our nanny was nice enough to watch Jack so I could do it from a coffee shop.

It’s been a stressful week. The carrot cake was justified.


Still life, from the one night I actually got to be home before bedtime this week.


Progress, and a temporary break in the rain.


This sunset almost made up for having to drive 50 miles out of my way to get home for the third time this week.


Saturday morning bagel and lox. I only discovered lox bagels a couple of years ago, and I had to ask where they’d been all my life.


Hey there.


Tulip season is my favorite. Now to see how long it takes my cats to eat the leaves on these.


The rain has let up for now, and we’re supposed to have sunshine for the next few days. Hopefully it gives them time to clear the current mess and for the ground to dry out a little before the next storm.

In the meantime, have a good week, everyone!

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