In Real Life: Week 7

We had a better week during week 7.

Howdy, partner! (There was not a snake in his boot. I checked.)


I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon just letting Jack nap on my chest. Just soaking it all in.


The boys got some pretty adorable Valentine’s cards from the grandparents this year.


Naturally, this one was my personal favorite.


I’m not even kidding that I woke up with hair like this on Valentine’s Day. Too bad wearing your hair down in the hospital is just begging for germs, so it went into a ponytail.


This peanut had his 3-month birthday on Valentine’s Day, too. How has it been 3 months already?


Still driving way out of my way for part of my commute each day. At least the views are pretty.


He looks like he’s really been suffering while I’ve been at work. Also, that shirt! <3<3<3

original_url: A5E94BD3-23A4-4733-84DF-B5ECBA4FFC9D

My tulips have been keeping me happy all week.


Ever looked inside a tulip? It’s purdy.


I like the little blue part at the bottom of the petals.


It’s been so nice to be home with Jack more this week.


Happy boy!


A little quiet time for mama after both boys were finally in bed.


Sending love to daddy before school.


He’s slowly learning to hate tummy time less and less.


It stormed like crazy on Friday, and a long nap with my boy felt way more important than anything else on the to-do list that afternoon.


You might remember that I bought this blue stuffed elephant on the day we find out we were having a boy. It sat on his dresser for many months before he was born, and it made me smile each time I saw it. Well, yesterday, Jack was finally able to play with it, and it was so much fun to see him get excited about a toy that already has so much meaning to me.


He was so smiley that day! And he was amused that he could see himself in the screen. I love, love, love all the personality he’s developing.


Well, that’s a wrap for last week! Keep smiling, friends!

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