In Real Life: Week 8

Here’s what week 8 of 2017 looked like:

Reuben on rye for me, tri-tip + cheddar on ciabatta for him.


Beauty, even in decay.


I dedicated about two hours last Sunday just to food prep. But it’s been 100% worth it, since I have hardly had to lift a finger for dinner all week.


Part of food prep included this giant pot of scalloped potatoes.


Couch hogs.


Oliver also decided to go on an adventure this week, and found himself stuck on the roof of a neighboring building in rain and freezing temperatures. Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t asked to go back out at all since.

We had more crazy storms at the beginning of the week, and a giant redwood tree fell across highway 17, blocking all four lanes of traffic. Robbie actually got stuck on his way home from work, thanks to this thing. But, funny story… somebody stopped near the downed tree happened to have a chainsaw with them, so they just went to town cutting it up. From what I heard, these guys had most of it cleared before the professionals even got there. Score one for resourcefulness!


James had me take his picture being creepy, and then he helped me edit it. This is the stuff of nightmares.


Gifts from Robbie, because he knows how much I love my sriracha. Now I can have it everywhere.


Work has us working on a research project. Call me sick, but I’ve kind of enjoyed getting back into study mode. Sometimes it makes me have crazy thoughts about doing things like getting my master’s degree.


Jack has been waking up right in the middle of me trying to get ready for work all week. Luckily, he’s happiest in the mornings, so he doesn’t mind hanging out in the bouncy seat while I talk to him and put my makeup on.


And of course, mama will never begrudge some smiley snuggle time, even if it’s not exactly convenient.


I actually had to scrape my windows a couple of mornings this week. That almost never happens here.


James is basically the epitome of California, with his flat-brimmed O’Neil hat and his shaggy hair curling out the bottom. Somebody get this kid some Vans and a skateboard.


This piece of wisdom from my Dove chocolate was obviously not written for parents. Try “Have 5 cups of coffee today!” instead.


We’ve had some pretty great skies this week. #nofilter


Aaaah… Friday.


This boy drools so much these days that I have resorted to using these bandana-style drool bibs during the day to keep his shirts dry. Sometimes he acts like he’s teething, too… is that even possible at 3 months? Anyway… look at those eyes! Such a handsome baby.


And that’s a wrap for week 8. Have a great week 9!

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