In Real Life: Week 12

Jack has officially outgrown the mini crib, so last weekend we set up the big boy crib! I kid you not, he woke up EVERY TWO HOURS the first night he slept in it. It was a good thing neither of us had to work on Sunday.

I ate my first It’s-It. Where has this been my whole life?

My heart!

Coffee break.

“Pets first. Make up later.”

Jack was pretty amused when Daddy put his pants on his head. So, obviously, was big brother.

Robbie’s birthday was on Wednesday. Naturally, I had to buy cupcakes.

I don’t remember where I learned this, but it’s actually a lot easier to eat a cupcake if you do it like this. Cupcake sandwich for the win!

The cafeteria at work got all fancy on me.

You wanna be grumpy? Well guess what? Mama can be grumpy, too! See?

Our little peanut had his 4-month check up on Friday! He’s up to 15 pounds 7 ounces, 25.5 inches tall, and in the 55th percentile for head circumference. Not such a little peanut anymore!

He’s getting better at tummy time, too.

After another week of rain, it sure felt nice to get back out into the sunshine and fresh air again.

My little walking buddy.

When he woke up again, he actually kind of enjoyed facing out instead. The grass was still too soggy to really play on the ground, but I had him touch things like bark and leaves and flower petals. It’s fun to experience new things!

Spring, you’re so pretty. And so welcome.

I wish I could still make instant friends like a 10-year old.

Saturday night sushi. Food was good, but service was terrible.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 13!

In Real Life: Week 11

Week 11 looked a lot like this…

Being sick is hard. Especially when mama has to cough every 10 seconds, too, and wakes you up from your nap.

Sometimes you have to stop and photograph the gorgeous blossoms, even if the person walking behind you looks at you like you’re crazy while you do it.

This kid is all about trying to eat his hands lately. Most of the time he’s trying to shove his entire fist into his mouth, but occasionally he finds his thumb.

I will continue to buy tulips for as long as I can get them.

Aren’t they pretty?

They add just a little bit of beauty to an otherwise chaotic house.

Since we’re talking real life here, this is honestly what my dining room table usually looks like… piled with all kinds of mail and other junk that hasn’t found a home yet. Sometimes there are more important things to focus on than trying to tame the clutter.

Like playing with my little wiggle boo.

He turned 4-months old this week! He was unimpressed with my attempted photo shoot.

“Mom, is this really necessary?”

It’s fun to compare to previous months, though, and see how much he has changed!

Pouting because I won’t let her lick the water droplets off my feet.¬†Always a princess.

Look at those grill marks…

This is the face of a cat who spent most of the day out exploring again. Sometimes he’s such a teenager… only comes home long enough to sleep and eat.

Where’d you go with those dirty paws?

Feeling better!


Watching movies with big brother.

“Can I help you, human?”

Still a mama’s boy. I also apparently need to clean my mirror, whoops.

Best buds.


Caught Daddy when he wasn’t looking, hehe.

Breakfast of champions.

Daddy is very entertaining.

I’m a sucker for an awesome jacket.

And half-priced Vans? Well if you’re gonna twist my arm…

Burritos for LIFE.

Concentrating hard in his new chair. Sitting up like a big boy is hard work!

I hope you all have a great week 12!

In Real Life: Week 10

Here’s a peek at week 10 of 2017…

My pre-grocery store treat to myself.

Watching TV with Daddy.

Robbie makes the best tuna melts. Perfectly golden, every time.

My handsome boys!



Go home, Oreo. You are drunk.

With the cloud sheets behind him, doesn’t he look like he actually belongs in Andy’s room?

Tiny, chubby fingers.

I want to be a lazy house cat in my next life.

Robbie and I have been suffering all week with a nasty chest cold. Homemade chicken soup was just what the doctor ordered.

Despite my best efforts, Jack is sick now, too. Poor guy has been super fussy and running a fever, and I’m just waiting for the coughing to begin.

Wish us luck for the week ahead! Here’s hoping we’re all healthy by the end of week 11…

In Real Life: Week 9

Here’s what week 9 of 2017 looked like…

I rely on our crock pot a lot these days… I’m sure you parents out there remember how hard it is to cook dinner with a needy infant constantly demanding attention. But Sunday I opted to actually cook something, with like, real dishes and stuff, for a change, and it was very nice.


Jack has been playing a lot more intentionally with his toys lately. When I took this picture, he had been using the rattle he’s holding to hit the toy hanging in front of him! It’s been so fun to watch him grow and develop as a little human being.


I’d like to think that a well-stocked snack drawer is not so much a sign of a problem as it is just being a good girl scout. Always be prepared! Especially for the munchies.


The view from my desk. Almost as good as a window.


“Are you sure I can’t sit in your lap and get hair all over your scrubs before you leave?


We’ve been using a mini crib for Jack since day one, and he’s almost outgrown it. I put him down with his feet almost touching the rail of the crib, and by morning he has always scooted himself up to the point of almost hitting his head. It’s the only reason I have the bumpers on now.


Some of the cousins on my dad’s side of the family started a Facebook group for the family a while ago, and people have been posting lots of amazing old photos. That’s my grandmother on the left.


Someone still even has the original immigration documents from when my great-grandparents came over from Mexico.

It’s been almost 100 years.


My grandmother looked so much like her mom.

She was only 22 when she immigrated, and she went on to raise 12 children. Can you even imagine?


Great-grandma and grandpa on the farm. I LOVE old photos like these.


If they could only see the huge family that exists now because of them.

Including my own little love bug, who would much rather eat the burp rag than practice pushing up.


There has been so much coffee this week. Thank you, Lulu’s, for being the only drive-thru game in town. Your coconut cream latte is spot on.


One of my favorite things about doing these weekly photo posts is that it encourages me to look for details I might have otherwise missed. Like these flowers, which I previously would have just walked right by. But now that I am constantly looking for interesting things to photograph, I noticed how beautiful they were in the morning light.


There truly is beauty all around us, if we would only look for it.


Even on your kitchen window sill.


Even on your way to work on an exhausted Friday.


A clever label for the dishwasher. Our dishes are usually on the dark side.


Jack was such a good boy at dinner out. “Who dat?”


Since Jack shares our room, we don’t really get to lie in bed and watch TV together anymore. Well, last night we decided to put him to bed in the Pack-n-Play in the living room, “splurged” on a movie rental on cable, and settled in with a drink and some popcorn for “date night” in. (I’d highly recommend Arrival, by the way.)


And now it’s week 10! I wonder what this week will bring…

…have a great week, friends!