In Real Life: Week 10

Here’s a peek at week 10 of 2017…

My pre-grocery store treat to myself.

Watching TV with Daddy.

Robbie makes the best tuna melts. Perfectly golden, every time.

My handsome boys!



Go home, Oreo. You are drunk.

With the cloud sheets behind him, doesn’t he look like he actually belongs in Andy’s room?

Tiny, chubby fingers.

I want to be a lazy house cat in my next life.

Robbie and I have been suffering all week with a nasty chest cold. Homemade chicken soup was just what the doctor ordered.

Despite my best efforts, Jack is sick now, too. Poor guy has been super fussy and running a fever, and I’m just waiting for the coughing to begin.

Wish us luck for the week ahead! Here’s hoping we’re all healthy by the end of week 11…

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