In Real Life: Week 11

Week 11 looked a lot like this…

Being sick is hard. Especially when mama has to cough every 10 seconds, too, and wakes you up from your nap.

Sometimes you have to stop and photograph the gorgeous blossoms, even if the person walking behind you looks at you like you’re crazy while you do it.

This kid is all about trying to eat his hands lately. Most of the time he’s trying to shove his entire fist into his mouth, but occasionally he finds his thumb.

I will continue to buy tulips for as long as I can get them.

Aren’t they pretty?

They add just a little bit of beauty to an otherwise chaotic house.

Since we’re talking real life here, this is honestly what my dining room table usually looks like… piled with all kinds of mail and other junk that hasn’t found a home yet. Sometimes there are more important things to focus on than trying to tame the clutter.

Like playing with my little wiggle boo.

He turned 4-months old this week! He was unimpressed with my attempted photo shoot.

“Mom, is this really necessary?”

It’s fun to compare to previous months, though, and see how much he has changed!

Pouting because I won’t let her lick the water droplets off my feet. Always a princess.

Look at those grill marks…

This is the face of a cat who spent most of the day out exploring again. Sometimes he’s such a teenager… only comes home long enough to sleep and eat.

Where’d you go with those dirty paws?

Feeling better!


Watching movies with big brother.

“Can I help you, human?”

Still a mama’s boy. I also apparently need to clean my mirror, whoops.

Best buds.


Caught Daddy when he wasn’t looking, hehe.

Breakfast of champions.

Daddy is very entertaining.

I’m a sucker for an awesome jacket.

And half-priced Vans? Well if you’re gonna twist my arm…

Burritos for LIFE.

Concentrating hard in his new chair. Sitting up like a big boy is hard work!

I hope you all have a great week 12!

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