In Real Life: Week 16

Here’s a peek at our week 16…

I definitely approved of this wrap.

We finally put Jack’s exer-saucer together, and he was so excited when he realized he could stand in it.

My china is so pretty, and yet it has been literally years since I’ve had a good excuse to use it. I decided this week that a perfectly enjoyed cup of tea was worth the risk of breaking a cup.

She was so mad that I wouldn’t let her actually sit in my lap. She kept trying to inch in anyway, as if I wouldn’t notice.

My mom turned me on to this stuff while she was visiting last weekend. It certainly isn’t health food, but it is a super tasty, somewhat less naughty treat.

I had kind of fallen off the exercise bandwagon after going back to work. But after realizing how good it is for my mood as well as my body, I bought a subscription to Beach Body On Demand, and I did my first workout this week. Core de Force is wonderfully kick-ass, and I felt it in all the right places the next day. And it only took 30 minutes of precious nap time to get it done, score!

I’ve also been trying to get back to my low-carb roots. Roasted zucchini boats make a delicious substitute for pasta.

I gave Jack a taste of my vanilla yogurt for fun, not really expecting to feed it to him. Much to my surprise, he got really excited about it and ate almost half my cup!

I had some white wine and lime Perrier leftover in my fridge from when mom was visiting. I mixed them together and the result was awesome.

A clean out the fridge salad. Greens, shredded carrots, leftover creamy brown rice, hard-boiled egg, and a strip of leftover bacon. Sometimes the best things happen when you just throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl.

I played around with Snapseed’s new double exposure feature this week.

This was one of my favorite creations.

I call this one “American Boy.”

I finally jumped on the BB cream bandwagon after hearing so many bloggers and podcasters talk about it for so long. I was skeptical, because I have need of some serious coverage most of the time, but it works surprisingly well. And I love that it looks way more natural than my heavy face of full makeup. Plus, it was only like $7… winning!

My colleagues and I were treated to dinner by a vendor rep this week. It was fun to hang out in a non-work environment for a change.

We went to this fun pub & grill, called Eureka! 8/10, would totes eat there again. Maybe next time I’ll try one of their many beers.

Remembering my GD days,  I had my burger without a bun so I could feel less guilty about eating the fries. Also still loving mushrooms… what has become of me?

Straight Outta Mommy!

It was John Muir‘s birthday this week. I’ve always loved his words.

Keeping my mommy game strong. All I needed to complete the ensemble was a Starbucks drink.

But the leggings and Nikes weren’t just for show. I got my butt out to the park and joined the million-and-a-half other moms with jogging strollers for day one of couch-to-5k. My mom and I signed up for a race together in Boise in October, so it’s time to get started!

Jogging with with the stroller was easier than I expected in some ways and harder in others. It’s almost nice to have something to lean on a little, but it’s hard to pace myself when the stroller feels like it wants to run away. I’m sure I’ll get used to it with more practice.

It was a gorgeous day, though.

Robbie came home and told me to give him the baby and go do whatever I wanted, which was a real treat. So I took my new book to my favorite taqueria and enjoyed a much-earned carnitas tostada and a cold Corona. It was nice to not have to race through a meal for a change.

So excited that Jack finally fits into this Robin costume. #nerdparents

Somehow Christine knew that I was craving a bento box on Saturday. It was like fate when she asked if I wanted to do lunch.

The view from my sink isn’t half bad.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week!

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