In Real Life: Week 17

Here’s a recap of our week 17…

This is now the wallpaper on my phone.

I did the total new mom thing and cut and colored my hair last Sunday. I make these foils look good.

This was what I got to look at while my toner set. If you don’t look too closely at the details, I think it’s a pretty neat piece of art.

I didn’t go too crazy with the color – just added some warm highlights for summer. But I chopped over 6 inches off, and it looked pretty dang cute after she curled it for me. I took a picture because – lets be honest – it will not look like this again until it’s time to go back.

Later that day, we played this awesome spooky board game with some friends. It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to play it again now that I fully understand how it works.

Also, popcorn with chili-lime salt is pretty dang tasty.

While we played around the table inside, the kids did what kids should do – played outside. I’m sad sometimes that we live in an apartment and don’t have good outdoor space for James to play on a regular basis. Look closely… our daredevil is toward the top in a light blue shirt.

Melting mama’s heart, right here. And holding his own bottle, like a big boy!

The dawn of a new day.

I had put Jack to bed and was trying to settle in for some relaxing time with my book… except James wanted to tell me ALL ABOUT Legend of Zelda. Oh well… such is the life of a boy mom.

He can almost sit up on his own! If only he wasn’t so distracted by his toes.


Without all the weight of the added length, my hair seems to be fully embracing the idea of being naturally curly. In this photo, I had done literally nothing to it aside from brushing it after my shower. Is this a postpartum thing? I dunno.

Still obsessing over this stuff a little. Trying to only eat half the container at a time.

Camo boy is up bright and early and ready to go hunting!

Why hello there, Mr. Goose.

On Friday, I didn’t have to drive as far for work that day, so I took the opportunity for a little “me time” at Starbucks before starting the grind. It felt quite luxurious.



Sorry for so many selfies this week. I’m just really enjoying my new hair, and wearing my contacts more often.

The last time I pulled these shoes out of the drawer, I was tying a blue ballon to them to announce that we were having a boy. They went pretty perfectly with the onesie+shorts summer combo he had going on Saturday. Though they didn’t stay on very long… no big deal, since he isn’t walking yet, obviously.

Like father, like son. This boy loves his daddy.

What did your week look like?

See you next Sunday!

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