In Real Life: Week 13

Week 13 of 2017 has come and gone! It looked at lot like this for us…

Jack usually passes out for the night around 7pm. This week he’s been waking back up 30 minutes later and staying up til more like 9. That’s ok kid… mama didn’t want to go to bed either.


Remember a few weeks ago when I said we’d all been hit by the plague? Yeah, it hasn’t gone away yet. I finally gave in and went in for antibiotics this week.

The floral department was all out of tulips this week. Aw, shucks.

At Target with my baby and a Starbucks drink… am I doing this mom thing correctly?

A wall of ivy.

Accidentally opened the camera on my laptop one evening after work.

I’ve known two different people this month dealing with neonatal loss. It makes me extra, extra grateful to be mama to this sweet little boy.

Friday night, Jack and I went down to the park for a food truck round up. Naturally, I had the tacos.

Who needs naptime? (Besides mama, obviously.)

It’s farmers market season again!

I wish good asparagus was available year ’round.

We get the best berries around here. Be jealous.

PS: Idaho peeps, if you check the package on the strawberries you buy at the store, I bet you’ll find they’re from Watsonville.

I loved this arrangement of herbs.

My market buddy.

I cooked again for once! This potato salad was worth all of the effort. I’m going to do my best to share the recipe later this week.

Have a great week 14, everyone!