In Real Life: Week 20

Happy week 20, everyone! Here’s what our week looked like…


Taquitos for the win.

Oliver loves anything that can be used as a fort.

Even Jack’s exersaucer.

How adorable is Jack in James’ steampunk glasses?


“Excuse me… which way to the chemistry lab?”


Friday night eeeeeeeats. Vanilla vodka is tasty in good root beer.

“What do you want, mom? I’m kinda busy here.”

Mine too, Henry. Mine too.

I took the kids to the swimming pool on Saturday. James made fast friends with some random kids there, of course.

Jack and I splashed and floated for a while, and then he passed out hard for a nap.

And I took the opportunity to read a little while both kids were otherwise occupied for a change.

If this is what it will always be like, I think we may spend most of the summer there.

And then we capped the day off with some ice cream. Of course.

Have a great week 21!

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