In Real Life: Week 22

Happy Sunday, friends! Here’s what our week 22 looked like…

I splurged for a design this month. It was worth every penny.

More board games! This time we played Seven Wonders… I felt pretty good about my third-out-of-five finish.

We also played another round of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I wound up being the bad guy this time, and got my ass swiftly beaten.

Babies holding babies!

My table may be perpetually cluttered, but at least I have roses on it.

Rock on, baby boy!

Ain’t nothin’ more American than grilling hotdogs on Memorial Day.

James spent the week home with strep. Poor kid was really down for the count for the first few days. But after a couple of days of antibiotics he was back to his usual playful self.

He also made a little book at school, which he chose to do on airsoft. I love that he wanted to tell everyone that my gun is named The Baby Eater. I can’t imagine what his teacher must have thought, though…

Robbie at it with the bomb tuna melts again.


Loving his new toy!

Pancakes for the sick boy.

Baby’s first piggy back ride!

This week was fueled by a lot of coffee.

And after a real shitty day at work on Friday, I had no regrets about inhaling a giant burrito for dinner. I had a definite food baby afterward.

Saturday almost made up for Friday, though.

The boys and I spent most of the afternoon at the park.

Relay for Life had set up in the park, which meant that nobody was playing on the playground. James was pretty sad until he realized that they would let him play in their bouncy house instead.

He jumped for almost two hours while Jack and I played in the shade.

He was so mesmerized by the leaves on the tree! And he finally figured out how to roll over this week. Finally. I was starting to get worried.

Ice cream was just what the doctor ordered after a day at the park.

My handsome big kid agreed.

This is James’ last week of school, and then it’s officially SUMMER!

Have a great week 23, everyone!

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