In Real Life: Week 23

We had a pretty awesome week 23. Here’s how it looked…

Comfy kitty.

Recharging at The Verve.

Sunday introvert comforts.

I had no idea that it was Pride until I stumbled upon the parade.

Downtown got way into it.

There were little hints of rainbow magic everywhere.

Some were subtle.

Some not so much.

Pride aside, it was also just a really nice day to be downtown.



…and weird.

That’s Santa Cruz for you.

I unfortunately came home with a MAJOR headache.

It was nothing some ibuprofen and a cold compress couldn’t help.


Jack loves to have his blankie up by his face. It makes me super nervous, but every time I move it he pulls it back.

Our nanny brought us fresh flowers from her garden. She’s just the best.

“Do you take pictures of EVERYTHING?”

“Yep. Even you, smarty pants.” *snap*

I love the lobby ceiling at work.

I want to be a lazy house cat in my next life.

My boys! *heart eyes emoji x3*

A little off the wall on the wall.

Why yes, I did go to The Verve twice in one week.

Starting Jack’s hipster training early.

Who you callin’ chicken?

Actual footage of me waiting for James to finish telling a story.

This is Chopper. Yes, she is judging you.

I’m going to get into so much trouble when I can finally start buying real shoes for Jack.

Flirty baby!

Did y’all watch results roll in for the British election? I’ve decided that I’m going to become English so I can choose between voting for the Black Knight or Elmo.

Apparently the dude dressed up like the Black Knight goes by the name Lord Buckethead, and he’s been running for office since 1987.


Livin’ that taco life.

I see myself drinking many, many mojitos this summer.

We’re kicking off week 24 with a trip to San Francisco… what are you guys up to? Whatever it is, have a great week! Cheers!

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