In Real Life: Week 30

Happy week 30, everybody!

I spent Sunday doing a little food prep.

I made an awesome Greek pasta salad (inspired by this one, with a few variations), and ate it over salad greens for lunch all week. Yum.

One of my colleagues passed the Asthma Educator exam last week! It’s such a hard test and she studied so hard for it, so many, many deserved kudos to her!

A little mental break in the meditation garden.

I found this to be a fascinating description.

Lox was on sale, so I have been happily eating many lox-and-bagels sandwiches for breakfast this week.

My little laundry helper.

When there is time to kill, always go to the ocean if you can.

Breathe the salty air, listen to the waves, and be cleansed. Amen.

A good bedtime routine.

Hey there!

Pancake morning at the Starks’ house.

Had a consultation to get started on my tattoo! I didn’t think I would be nervous, but as soon as I got to the shop I had to talk myself down a little. I’m sure it was obvious that I was a tattoo virgin. But as soon as I started talking to my guy he put me right at ease. Now I can hardly wait for my appointment to actually do the ink!

I love the decorative style of having tons of photos all mounted close together, covering most of the wall. It feels like being inside a scrapbook.

An apropo vehicle choice for a tattoo artist.

A foggy morning jog.

I don’t always feel like going for a run, but I never regret it when I do.

Maybe someone who knows plants can tell me… is this a Scottish thistle? I feel like it’s a Scottish thistle.

I feel like maybe I’m too sober to truly appreciate Dr. Pepper’s latest can design.

“Excuse me, ma’am… do you know why I pulled you over?”


James has been at drama camp all week, and his performances were yesterday! I got to take him to his second call time, which meant that I had an hour to kill.

Reading was nice for a little bit, but then I got bored.

So I decided to go for a walk instead.

It was such a nice day… I figured, why not?

I didn’t realize what a gorgeous neighborhood I was in until I got out of the car.

This VW van is clearly living its best life.

I need a drink with an umbrella in it, please.

Also, um… can I have your house? Either one will do.

And the best surprise? The ocean was just three blocks away the whole time. Doh!

If I had known that I never would have sat in the car for so long!

Oh well.

Welcome to Santa Cruz, where we have lifeguard firemen who drive around with surf boards on top of their department vehicles.

I’ve always liked these shrubs. They remind me of flames.

And then it was time for the main event!

I may have gone snooping a little bit before the performance.

But I still got a pretty good seat.

They put on The Great Mouse Detective, and Jamesy was the lovable toy maker, Flaversham.

His costume was just OMG ADORBS.

And he did such a great job!

Delivered his lines with confidence and only need one teeny little reminder of what to say.

I hope he stays excited about drama. I can’t wait to see what he does in high school and beyond!

The whole cast did a fabulous job!

It was definitely a proud mama moment for me.

He even got an award for being so creative with his character!

Though he was a little bashful afterward. 🙂

All my boys need love.

And that’s a wrap! What were you up to in week 30?

Much love…


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