In Real Life: Week 31

Happy Sunday! Let’s take a look back at week 31…

I kicked off Sunday by praying at the church of bacon.



I wound up meeting that psychic for coffee last Sunday.

She didn’t tell me anything truly Earth-shattering, but it was still a really positive experience.

I went to the beach afterward to process our conversation.

One thing she did tell me was that my divorce from 4 years ago is still holding me back.

And she’s right. I still hold a lot of guilt and shame around that.

She told me to say this prayer as many times as I need to…

“I hurt you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.”

…and to send him love and light whenever he crosses my mind.

And so I do.

I’ve come so far in the last 5 years. I have too much good right in front of me and in my future to let the past hold me back.


I wanna know who Bud is, and what fun things he’s up to.

Nature always finds a way.

Tiny feet were here.

On point.

Sunday grilled eeeeeats.

Jack has been so needy lately, but I can’t always just sit and play with him. So I strapped him in on my back for the first time, and he was pretty happy to be my little Yoda.

I’ve been trying to spend just a few moments each morning in quiet reflection.

I am…

My mantra.

I actually tore these pages out and hung them on the board behind my computer screens at work.

Trying to combat the negative energy of an office mate in a bad mood.

Forgot to put dinner in the crock pot before I left for work. So I settled for In-n-Out on the way home. Bummer.

Jack has been doing all kinds of big boy things this week! Like riding in the stroller without the car seat…

…and rolling over to sleep on his belly!

I was so shocked when I came in and found him like this. He had rolled over all by himself and fell asleep that way. A huge milestone for a kid who still hates tummy time!

I grilled an epic teriyaki pork loin this week. I nailed the marinade, and then reduced it down to make a thick sauce that I brushed on during the last 10 minutes of cooking. SO GOOD.

Nice work, World Market.

My little water baby.

Scotts Valley has had a display of local art in random places all over town for the last two weeks. I thought this one outside the library was particularly cool.

Amen to that.

Friday night we were reminded of just how true that is.

Our friend, Logan, was in town, and we met him and his family at the beach for dinner and a campfire.

The boys and I had a great time having sand fights and digging for sand crabs.

That is, until James put a handful of sand down the back of my shirt which then wound up down my pants. Butthead.

We watched this group of amateur sailors trying to get their boat out to sea, and were amused at how all but one of them fell off before they left the harbor.

And James was pretty stoked that we got to see the O’Neill catamaran coming in.

There is something so cleansing about putting your feet in the ocean.

The sunset was breathtaking.

Mama’s beach babe.

Daddy’s too.

The harbor was stunning in the evening light.

The next day we went on a little adventure in San Jose.

We ate at this little hole in the wall BBQ place that I happened to find on Yelp.

And holy smokes was it good.

The pulled pork was so tender that Jack could eat it, and he loved it. He was pretty fond of the potato salad, too.

We stopped to do a little shopping for our camping trip next weekend, and I felt like I had fallen into a wormhole and wound up back in Idaho.

Bass Pro Shop has a fish-themed bowling alley with a seafood restaurant.

Even though the decor was impressive, still just… WTF.

We did a dry packing run to see if we could fit all of the stuff in our Jeep. Thankfully, it looks like we’re gonna be fine.


Perfect at the end of a hot day.

Then today we took Logan for a hike!

The redwoods never disappoint.

Even the rocks are dreamy.

Sometimes I expect this tree to start moving and talking to me, a la Lord of the Rings.

Hello, little buddy!

And because we believe in balance, we followed our hike by getting burgers for lunch.

I love any place where I can watch the kitchen work.

Life is too short to not get the milkshake.

How was your week 31? What inspired you?

We’re going to be camping next weekend and I intend to be totally off the grid, so week 32 will be delayed until we get back. But I’m hoping to have some epic photos to share, so it should be worth the wait!

In the meantime, have a great week!

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