In Real Life: Week 36

Here’s what our week 36 looked like…

I am sorry to report that Robbie’s dad passed away on Sunday.

Everyone is handling it as best they can.

Keeping ourselves busy. It’s funny how easy it is to connect over something as simple as a puzzle.

This one was pretty intricate, too. So much detail.

We spent lots of time reminiscing, too.

I see so much of Robbie in younger photos of Don.

I actually thought this was Robbie at first glance.

You can see how much love he had for Robbie.

And clearly, the feeling was mutual.

You are already missed, Don. I hope you know how much you are still loved.

There are so many sweet pictures of Robbie and his sisters, too.

And um… is this a James face, or what?

It makes me so happy to see what an awesome father Robbie is. (Thanks for taking this photo, Chrystal.)

I wish I was better at growing succulents.

Sweet baby lips.

September means that Halloween shenanigans have already begun at work.

I don’t mind. Halloween is honestly my favorite.

Let’s be honest. My white girl heart is just in love with autumn in general.

The urge to buy everything is strong.

I like the juxtaposition of these trees.

Nap time snuggles.

I love you, Panda Express.

I tried a different coffee shop this week.

It’s called The Ugly Mug. It had a pretty funky vibe.

It also had the tiniest bathroom I have ever seen. I legit wasn’t sure I would fit through the door.

I dig the porthole window, though.


A cute little courtyard.

Bamboo jungle.

Hard to go wrong with anything made with ciabatta, bacon, and avocado.

Pen pal-ing with Robbie’s grandma.

I’ve always wanted a bug.

Happy boy!

The sesame-cashew coleslaw mix from Costco is kinda the bomb. And cheap!

Oliver thinks he’s so tough, defending his home turf from one of the other neighborhood cats.

Getting our burger on.

I tried something different and went with the Bruce Lee. It was a turkey burger topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno aioli, pineapple, and whole roasted jalapenos. It was epic.

How was your week?

Much love…


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