In Real Life: Week 43

Happy Sunday, friends! Here’s what our week 43 looked like…

It’s like the opposite of Murphy’s law. I dig it.

I checked out another Verve location this week.

This one serves hot food! And holy hell this poached egg sandwich with prosciutto was amazing.

I might be there right now, eating another one, actually.

I also went to yoga for the first time since Jack was born. It felt so good.

Being fully mobile means he follows me everywhere. Even when I try to block the door to try to take a nap. (It’s so cute, I don’t mind.)

That is one fabulous pig.

It guards the door to this amazing butcher shop that smokes and ages all their own meats and sells the most amazing ragu.

If you like poetry, I highly recommend bone. Every piece is heartbreakingly gorgeous.

My, what big eyes you have!

Robbie is taking the rest of his baby leave right now, so we had a weekday off together this week.

We went on a little day date, and it was very nice.

Jack ate a surprising amount of my pasta and shrimp.

Enjoying these autumn mornings while they last.

Inside a giant wine barrel.

These flowers just exude happiness.

It was national Respiratory Care Week this week!

There was so much food…

And so much fun!

Hangin’ with the leads before dinner.

I think I deserve a sticker for successfully taking this picture of Rosie McCann’s ceiling after 3 drinks.

Man, I love Halloween decor.

I think whiskey sour might be my new favorite drink.

Never a dull moment with these guys.

The department bought us dinner at Maggiano’s, and it was soooo good.

Seriously, if I end up with terminal cancer or something, just wheel me in there and set me up with a never-ending plate of mushroom ravioli and tiramisu and I will die happy.

We have such a great team. (And this is only a fraction of us.)


We capped off RT week with RT Olympics Friday night.

There were crazy challenges, like becoming siamese isolation twins…

…whoopie cushion face farts…

…dress-up-the-Vapotherm costume contests…

…(these guys won that round, of course)…

…and identify-the-aspirated-foreign-object with the bronchoscope.

Tony and I teamed up two years ago and took the silver nebulizer that year. We had high hopes of gold this time, but we ultimately ended up with silver again. Maybe next year, if I can convince Tony to do it again.

Maybe someday I’ll develop a taste for MacCallan.

I did a major clothing purge this weekend. I figure after a year postpartum, it’s probably time to just go ahead and part with those pre-baby clothes that still don’t fit. Plus, if I do happen to get back down to that size, I’ll reward myself with new clothes.

How was your week 43?

Have a great week 44!

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