In Real Life: Week 39

Our week started in Mountain Ranch, taking a few moments to breathe between saying goodbye and returning to the chaos of everyday life.

James and I thought the gate to the garden looked like a hobbit door. Where’s Bilbo?

Standing guard.

What’s up, dude?

Sometimes you just gotta take a coffee break.

It’s that time of year again! Have you gotten your flu shot?

California vibes.

I’m not an INTJ (I’m a sensor, not an intuitive), but I do identify with this description pretty well. And of course, I want the necklace anyway.

I am apparently an Ox. Which is pretty damn accurate, except for that last part. I think I understand the emotions of others pretty well.

Perks of living in diverse California? Work pot lucks are the best. Homemade Indian samosa for the win.

These matching mason jar lid + straw sets are my favorite thing this week.


The Scotts Valley Moms group had our first meet-up this week!

After interacting online for a long time, it was so good to meet some of these ladies in person! It was so much fun! I hope we really do continue to meet up like once a month like we talked about.

It’s hard to beat the combo of tasty drinks and good conversation.

I had two, because why not?


Visiting Robbie for lunch on his long inventory day.

Paint stores get pretty dang messy.

But the splatter looks like abstract art to me.

Goofing around while mama makes some banana bread.

Browsing my new favorite store again.

I really need to come to one of their workshops sometime.

I want this arrangement for my bathroom.

Digging the fall vibe on this one.

This almost came home with me. I can just picture it on my kitchen window sill.


That cannot be comfortable.

How was your week 39?

Take it easy, friends. Much love.