In Real Life: Week 47

Hello, friends! Here’s a peek at our week 47…

Have you ever seen a more beautiful rainbow?

I wonder who lives in the condo with that open window. Probably someone very interesting to live in such a nice place.

I see what you did there.

Shut up and take my money, Container Store.

Thought I’d pop into Safeway “real quick” to grab a few things on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. BAD IDEA. Moving e-cart to the top of the list of things I’m grateful for this year.

Cloudy autumn days make me want to curl up and take a nap.

Many of the trees around here are almost done losing their leaves.

Goooooood morning.

Since I was the only one who wanted apple pie at our Thanksgiving this year, I put my energy into making apple tarts instead.

And then I topped one with whipped cream and ate it with bacon for breakfast, because of course.

I had some extra puff pastry, so I made cinnamon twists for those apple pie-haters, too.

We had a pretty mellow Thanksgiving day, just the four of us.

I butterflied, brined, and grilled a chicken, rather than a turkey.

Jack “helped” me make rolls.

Proofin’. (Recipe here. Easy peasy, and 100% worth it.)

It’s not Thanksgiving without stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes, too.

I’m so grateful for this cheesy kid.

Silly me… I thought we were going to take a nap together.

Tradition dictates that soup must be made the day after Thanksgiving.

It is known.

And if there’s time, fresh egg noodles must be made, too.

It’s easier to cut the dough into noodles if you roll it up first.

Trust me.

You’ll want ’em pretty wide, for maximum chewy goodness.

Let ’em dry for a couple of hours.

Then toss ’em in. Not all at once, though, or they’ll all stick together.

Then take a cue from your lazy house cat and take a luxurious afternoon nap.

Living on the edge after baby bedtime: watching Beauty and the Beast and folding laundry. Aw yeah.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Have a great week 48!

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