In Real Life: Week 8

Hello, friends! Here’s how our week 8 of 2018 looked…

Out for a Sunday stroll with my main man.

Joe Cool, right here.

Touches of V-day spirit everywhere.

My preferred candy heart would say, “BRING ME TACOS.”


Can I have one of these lotus lamps, pretty please?


I went a little Crazy Plant Lady last weekend.

I had one of these plants when I was a kid. It makes me stupidly happy to have one on my desk now. (Plus they’re basically impossible to kill, which is a definite advantage for me.)

Quiet time for mama.

Sunday night nacho sitch.

Eating guac like it’s his job.

I hope these two always like each other this much.

Rise and grind, baby.

Can you believe I’ve been working out consistently for 2 months now? Feels really good. Especially when I’ve got that post-leg day swell going on.

RELAXED to the max.


Almost ready to submit my application to grad school.

I wonder if kids these days will even understand that VCR once referred to a video recording. Or that cheap VCRs could eat your tapes if you weren’t careful.

You know. Totally normal terrarium stuff.

Part of me still wants to be a barista.

Ermagherd, it’s Starbucks Friday!

Getting to be such a big boy.

He’ll always be my baby, though.

Date night!

Hers and His.

My dad would approve.

Come to mama.

Tempted to decorate my house with some branches like those.


I don’t know how people smoke a pack or more of these a day. I took two drags and have had a cough and a sore throat ever since. Gross.

And that’s a wrap for week 8! What’s on your agenda for week 9? Whatever it is, I hope it’s good!

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Week 8: 2017

In Real Life: Week 7

Happy Sunday! Come take a look at our week 7 of 2018!

Splashing around is the best part of bath time.

Caught these little bandits looking awfully suspicious when I went to leave for work.


Cheesin’ with our new babysitter!


Robbie isn’t really into commercial holidays, but I couldn’t resist getting this for him.

Valentine’s Day happens to also be Pato’s birthday, so we went to dinner to celebrate together!

We went to an awesome Japanese restaurant and had some adventurous food.

My Gaijin palate preferred the easier things, like these epic pork buns.

Bacon-wrapped Enoki mushrooms were pretty tasty, too.

There is also a lovely version of this shot without the finger photobomb, but I actually like this one better.

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re stuck in traffic is to just take a breath and enjoy the view.

Half mast, for yet another tragedy. Please Lord, let us be done with these atrocities soon.

Always looking for the light.

Homemade samosas are quickly becoming my favorite part of work potluck day.

Satisfying a craving.

Life always finds a way.

Feeling cute in my Friday Mom uniform.

Pancake mornings are always the best.

Jack agrees.

Went to the nursery and got some new plants to play with.

I think this air plant might be my current favorite.

Sweet sleeping baby feet.

Takin’ a moment just to chill.

We stole Daddy away from work for an afternoon ice cream break.

Happy Friday!

On Saturday I took the boys to the zoo!

We rode the carousel…

…and explored the children’s area…

…saw a genuine tortoise…

…and then pretended to be one ourselves!

We saw both an alligator and a crocodile – and even got to learn the difference!

And checked out the giraffes in the Africa exhibit.

We didn’t actually see quite as many animals as I would have liked.

But that’s okay, because we still had a really great time together.

We goofed around…

…and rode the gondola…

…and just really enjoyed ourselves. And that’s what really matters.

Jack and I played with some fun bathtub paint soap that we found.

This cat is not so happy to be in a hat.

After we moved Jack into James’ room, I claimed his old crib space for myself. Robbie painted his old desk white for me, and I’ve been really enjoying having it as my own space.

Bedtime shenanigans: “So it’s the first thing Jack will see when he gets up in the morning.”

“C’mon mom. Hurry up and lie down so we can snuggle already.”

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 8!

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Week 7 2017

In Real Life: Week 6

Come take a look at our week 6 of 2018!

A little brotherly love for the Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday.

We celebrated with totchos two ways (taco meat, and leftover BBQ pulled pork), and gratuitous amounts of rum.

Still crushing hard on the magnolias at work.

Construction is coming along nicely!

Something new I learned this week: apparently not all buildings have these criss-crossed steel beams. These have been added by special order to make the new building extra earthquake-proof. Neat!

Rude banana.

Derpy cupcakes for this month’s birthday board.


I had a moment with this bloom.

And with this mini backpack and wallet. Self restraint is hard sometimes.

Did somebody call for a whambulance?

When you live on the second story of an apartment building, sometimes you have to get creative when it comes to good outdoor play.

We got out our beach toys, filled a bucket with some water, and pulled out my old herb pots.

We dug and splashed and got dirty and had a grand old time.

I love this boy.

Smoothie hypnosis.

Tiny toes.

Spring rolls + chow mein = happy mama

Poor Jamesy has been sick all week and finally had to go to the doctor. I couldn’t convince this cutie to wear a mask to protect himself, though.

Moosey, on the other hand, always practices good respiratory hygiene at the doctor’s office.

Oh Verve, how I missed you.

Something tells me I’m not turtle-y enough to be part of his turtle club.

Oh you.

Don’t mess with this guy.

Robbie and I had a date night planned for mini golf at The Boardwalk and dinner.

But our babysitter got sick, so we decided to just take Jack with us.

We “played” at the arcade…

…and went on our first carousel ride!

We ate the required carnival food.

I even tried a deep fried Twinkie! It was actually really delicious.

It was a gorgeous day.

We’ve been here almost 4 years, and it still amazes me sometimes that we live so close to this.

Can you believe this was my first time at The Boardwalk? I will definitely need to come back with both of the boys.

Daddy’s boy.

Tacos make everything better.


How was your week 6?

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Week 6 2017

In Real Life: Week 5

Here’s what our week 5 of 2018 looked like…

Silly cereal unicorn.


Happy birthday?

No use crying over spilled froyo.

Snuggle bug.

Starbucks’ response to this week’s State of the (Shitshow) Union address.

One version of the holy trinity.

He melts my heart.

James let me cut his hair this week. It turned him into a real (hairy) man for a few minutes.

Good morning from the rush hour jam!


“Winter” in California.

Livin’ that RT life.

It’s been a crazy flu season. This room is normally full of ventilators.

I see octopusses everywhere now.

Like this lady, who almost came home with me.

All good adventurers know this.

You think teal is this guy’s favorite color?

My vice.

How was your week 5? What are your bets for today’s Super Bowl?

Have a great week 6!

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