In Real Life: Week 5

Here’s what our week 5 of 2018 looked like…

Silly cereal unicorn.


Happy birthday?

No use crying over spilled froyo.

Snuggle bug.

Starbucks’ response to this week’s State of the (Shitshow) Union address.

One version of the holy trinity.

He melts my heart.

James let me cut his hair this week. It turned him into a real (hairy) man for a few minutes.

Good morning from the rush hour jam!


“Winter” in California.

Livin’ that RT life.

It’s been a crazy flu season. This room is normally full of ventilators.

I see octopusses everywhere now.

Like this lady, who almost came home with me.

All good adventurers know this.

You think teal is this guy’s favorite color?

My vice.

How was your week 5? What are your bets for today’s Super Bowl?

Have a great week 6!

Take a look into the past:

2017 Week 5

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