In Real Life: Week 9+

Hello, friends! The blog is a little late this week because I spent all weekend visiting family. But never fear! I still have plenty of photos to share. 🙂

Java java java

California love.

Went to see Black Panther last weekend. It was SO GOOD.

The theater had an epic ceiling.

They also sold candy IN BULK. Where has this been all my life?!

Tacos for two.

Killin’ leg day.

Occasionally I have a good hair day.

Progress update!

Parenting is hard.

Walking to clear my head.

Sometimes a good belly laugh is all you need to turn the day around.

Rockin’ that full lotus like a lifelong yogi.

“What are you looking at?”

The magnolias at work are still blooming.

I’m still obsessing over them.

Time for a brain break.

Spring vibes.

Get lost.

All aboard!

Leaving the bay.

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to entertain a toddler on an airplane.

My grandpa has been sick. We’re not sure how much longer we’ll have with him, so Jack and I went to visit.

No matter how the next year turns out, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity spend some extra time with him.

Life is a constant circle.

Grandma was pretty excited to see Jack again, too.

Homemade popcorn + butter + powdered sugar. You won’t regret it.

Hometown haunts.

I love that the Flying M kept touches of the garage it used to be.

Love that red espresso machine.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi


These made me laugh.

Love this idea.

If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out.

Headed back (home?). I still think of Boise when I say the phrase, “I’m going home.” Still can’t quite claim California yet.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 10!

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2017 Week 9

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