In Real Life: Week 12

Can you believe we are already 12 weeks into 2018? Time is flying, and I, for one, am enjoying the ride.

It’s been super rainy again this week, but these blossoms make it all worth it.

We all have the opportunity for a new beginning.

Irish car bombs for Robbie’s birthday! Complete with Pato cheesin’, as usual.

Then we headed to The Catalyst for Flogging Molly!

Everyone is Irish in the pit at a Flogging Molly concert.

They said it themselves: “Everyday is fuckin’ St. Patrick’s Day.”

They were hilarious and badass and their music was studio-quality.

The pit was a blast, too. Everyone knocking into each other, people crowd-surfing left and right, random punk chicks planting kisses on me as they pushed their way back to mosh. I came home covered in sweat and beer but utterly happy.

It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

And now I’m itching to go to more shows just like it.

I’ve really always wanted to be a punk chick, with bright pink hair and heavy eyeliner and a septum piercing.

But I’ll settle for my dark auburn locks and hidden tattoos.

That light, though.

“Don’t bother me. I’m napping.”

Rob made some epic scalloped potatoes this week.

The leftovers made a fantastic hash with scrambled eggs later, too.

Sneak-photographing my love with fun IG filters.

My turn. Meow.

Do you see the heart?

A short birthday ice cream date.

I have similar feelings about Cup of Noodles.

Staying entertained at the doctor’s office.

Ermagherd, breathe right strips!

Found this poem on Instagram and decided I loved it so much that I had to sketch it.

I seriously love the little collapsible pour-over setup Jill gave me for Christmas. It’s so much better than Keurig coffee at work.

Jack takes his Mumford and Sons very seriously.

Kitty in a window.

And now it’s back to the grind! Have a great week 13, friends!

Take a look into the past…

2017 Week 12

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