In Real Life: Week 15

Hi, friends! Let’s take a look at week 15…

I wanna go for a swing!

I made some pork carnitas last weekend, and shared the process on my Instagram stories.

The recipe doesn’t need an entire Corona, but I sure wasn’t gonna let the rest of the bottle go to waste.

My favorite part.

Okay, maybe THIS is my favorite part.

Bath time shenanigans.

I can’t decide what I love more – my little baby brushing his teeth, or his adorable, businessman comb-over.

Dat light doh.

Mama and baby horse.

This little yellow iris made me smile. Such a happy little guy, don’t you think?

Robbie and I have been together 5 years as of this week. It seems like a lifetime ago that we started our journey – so much has changed.

Now I’m a mama, I live in a different state, and I’m about to start grad school. 24-year old me never could have imagined what my life looks like today.

I love the smell of incense in the evening.

Is it bad that I kinda want to wear this with biker boots?

Mama got some shiny new pencils.

This guy has had a rough week. He ran a fever off and on for a few days and slept horribly for most of the week (which means I did too). Finally took him to the doctor because I thought he might have an ear infection, but it turns out he has hand-foot-and-mouth.

I think I would prefer if he just had an ear infection so we could have some antibiotics and just be done with it. But I digress.

Unfortunately, Robbie has also been sick. (Bronchitis for him.) So it was time to make chicken soup.

Homemade noodles are easier than you think. Would anyone like a tutorial? I can do that if there’s interest.

Chicken soup cures all, my friends.

Trying to keep him entertained and not trying to climb me while I cooked.

Roses were only $4/dozen when I went to the store to get ingredients. I took it as a sign and bought 2 bunches.

Gotta practice some self-care when taking care of everybody else, right?

Reserved one stem for someone special.

We’re still thinking of you, Don.

Real life moment here.

He’s starting to feel (and sleep!) better, thankfully.

I will gladly accept all the extra snuggles in the meantime.

My tiny cactus is blooming! A happy surprise.

Trying to get some good vibes going.

Idaho wine tastes better in a mason jar.

What’s making you happy this week?

Have a great week 16!

Take a look into the past…

2017 Week 15

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