In Real Life: Week 18

Happy Sunday! Let’s take a look at our week 18…

Am I crazy, or were Trix shaped like fruit when we were kids?

I’ve been playing with my watercolors more this week and having a lot of fun.

He’ll always be my first baby.

That light peeking through… mmm.

I imagine this is what a frozen lake looks like in the spring when the ice first starts to thaw.

A lunch break view.

Starbucks Friday shenanigans!

Now taking applications.

I could almost believe Jack wrote that.

Who smiles for their mugshot? I mean really.

The low-rider did not disappoint.

That… doesn’t actually sound good.


Friday afternoon vibes.

“FREE WEEDS: Pick Your Own” lol

The makings of a beautiful mess.

I’m really happy with this one! I think I may hang it on a corkboard collage I’m brainstorming.

Jack kept calling these gals “bok boks.” It was adorable.

Living that Santa Cruz life.

Sometimes even the debris of the ocean is beautiful.

Take it eeeeeeasy.

How was your week?

Take a look into the past… 

2017 Week 18

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