In Real Life: Week 20

Hello, friends! We had a fantastic week 20… let’s take a look!

I’ve never felt so excited about socks before.

Llama face case!

I’ll take one of everything, please.


It’s a topographical map of the Bay Area bodies of water. Super cool!

The poppies have my heart right now.

They always make me think of Armistice Day, though.

Watch out for Joe Cool!

Left photo is from November… right photo is from this week. Talk about progress!


It took some serious willpower not to buy up all these adorable marine-themed plates. This whale would look so cute in the boys’ bathroom!

Work spoiled me with two screens, so now I also require an extra one at home. IT LOOKS SO GOOD and I can DO ALL OF THE THINGS.

Park day Friday!

I can’t get over how big and capable he is these days.

It made my Idaho heart very happy to see this car at our park. Idaho plates are enough to turn my head, but with a BSU sticker, too? Who are you, and can we be friends?

The Pro setting on my new Samsung phone is pretty damn great. This has almost no editing on it.

This little guy is actually a cutting that I took from West Cliff. I brought it home after a walk with my mom while she was visiting, let it scab over for a couple of days, and then planted it in my favorite succulent soil and hoped for the best. Well, a few weeks later and it’s ready to bloom! Score!

Playing around with my DSLR before my night photography class.

I learned so much from this class!

We went out right before sunset and spent a bit of time dialing in our settings. (I’ve done zero editing on the next several photos, btw.)

Check out that sun flare! (And the water droplets on my lens, whoops.)

Then we moved into the golden hour.

That reflection is so dreamy.

Then we started slowing down the shutter speed. (Which is why it’s brighter and softer than the previous photos.) And how lucky we were to have windsurfers to photograph!

Long exposure makes for gorgeous moving water shots.

Check out that waterfall effect on the rocks! Mmmhmm.

As it started to get really dark my stock camera lens started to struggle.

I had hoped to get some neat shots of the night sky, but I really need a better lens to get much better than this. Although I am quite happy with this shot as-is!

I learned a ton about how to take better photos in general, and now I definitely want to go back out and practice some more. Maybe I’ll even do some long exposure light painting!

Saturday I took the boys to the pool.

My heart! ❤

Bottoms up!

I hope I always remember him this small and sweet, with his chubby little legs barely sticking out from his too-big swim trunks.

Summer days are here to stay!

Have a great week 21, friends!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 20

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