In Real Life: Week 22

Happy Sunday, all! Come in for a look at our week 22!

Robbie was away all last weekend, so Monday we snuck out for a little nap time day date, just the two of us.

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best.

We’ve spent lots of time outside this week. It’s just been so nice!

Memorial Day eats, step one.

Step two.

Step three (my favorite part).

In love with my new badge holder. Baby Groot!!!

What year is it?

My happy place.

I’ve been experimenting with making my own mojitos this week. I found that the addition of a bit of lime-flavored sparkling water is a big win.

Thank you, Chrystal, for giving us this awesome picture! It’s quite perfect for the boys’ bathroom.

James’ entire 5th grade class put on a play about the 13 colonies this week!

He was Lief Erickson… I’m not entirely sure how he fits into the story of the 13 colonies, to be honest, but he was so dang cute that I really didn’t care.

Fish taco Friday at the work cafeteria was a big win.

Man, I love going to Giants games.

I’m sorry, but my immature brain thinks this name just sounds wrong, lol.

Not a bad hotel room view.

Okay, now I totally understand the chicken and waffles hype. I’d eat this every day.

I took another photography class this week! Once again, I learned so much good information.

We learned about using reflectors to fill in shadows in bright sun…

…and about using a short depth of field and pre-focusing for macro shots…

…and even some fun tricks, like using a slow shutter speed and zooming the lens while you shoot.

All in all, it was a great week! I look forward to challenging myself with my DSLR more often this summer. So many things to learn!

Have a great week 23!

Take a look into the past…

2017 Week 22

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