In Real Life: Week 25

Hello friends! It’s been a great week, so let’s dive on in!

How adorable is this little cafe’s seating area?

I’d be happy to eat 2 tacos for lunch every day.

Take a long walk with me.

Stovetop popcorn + chocolate chips + peanut butter chips + butter + salt = best munchie food ever.

Realized after the tri-tip was all ready to go on that our grill was out of propane. So I seared it on the stove and finished it in the oven instead. It was still pretty damn tasty, if I may say so myself.

Is it just me, or is this lily saying, “come hither”?

When Oliver demands snuggles, he doesn’t care if you’re in the middle of reading a book with Jack on your lap. He’s comin’ up.

Gettin’ messy during nap time.

So much possibility.

It’s summer break (ha!) and I’ll eat pizza rolls like a kid if I want to.

Jack told me it was nap time by dragging his blankie out from his crib, grabbing the nearest bottle, and lying down on the floor in front of me. Hint taken, kid.

TGIF, amiright?

Artemis says good morning.

My mini roses are in full bloom and they are so pretty.

I just love how colorful these flowers are. Even as they reach the end of their bloom they are still gorgeous.

We could all exude such joy.

Busted! But look how happy he is… I couldn’t stay mad at this face.

Currently crushing on my new summer sandals!

Our first experience with Play-Doh was a success. He only tried to eat it once.

The glamorous contents of my purse before I emptied and organized it. #momlife

The big highlight of our week – and the reason for the late post – was going to a Giants game!

I’ve come to appreciate the eclectic chaos that is San Francisco. Like this mural – I have no idea what’s going on here, but I dig it.

Many attempts were made to get a good photo with Jack and I. I think the combined efforts resulted in success.

I can’t tell you how much I love this photo.

“Where are we going, and why did I have to wake up for it?”

AT&T Park is the best. Not a bad seat in the house, and a gorgeous view of the bay if you need a break. (Side note: I need a friend with a boat.)

It was such a good game. Went into extra innings, and ended with my boy Hunter Pence hitting a walk-off RBI to end the game!

He was such a good sport. Barely even fussed when he was well past nap time.

Does tomorrow have to be Monday? Are you sure we can’t have just one more day in the weekend? Oh well… guess we’d better make the most of it!

Have a great week, my loves!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 25

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