In Real Life: Week 26

Hello, friends! My mom was in town this last weekend, so we were having too much fun for me to get to the blog yesterday. But I’m here today! So let’s jump in.

A balanced lunch.

C’mon little buddy! I believe in you!

My little RT in training.

I thought letting the Roomba run while I took a nap would be a good idea, but…

It took all of my willpower not to bring this little guy home with me.

Nursery baby has things to check out!

Bedtime stories with grandma!

Meanwhile, mama and daddy headed out on the town!

City still life.

In the district.

Funkiest little hand dryer that I ever did see.

Is this the mission that the Mission District was named after? I dunno, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless.

Coffee date with my mama.

Saturday night magnetic mud masks! We sure know how to party.

That’s a magnet and the mud it pulled off my face. Science is cool, yo!

Then on Sunday we took Grandma to the beach!

It was overcast and honestly kinda chilly for most of the day, but that’s the California central coast for you.

We still had a good time, though!

…even though the peanut refused to nap and seriously tested mama’s patience.

It wasn’t anything a little hard cider couldn’t help.

We explored…

…and we ate…

…(Pizza My Heart is a Santa Cruz tradition, after all).

We enjoyed the warm sand on our toes…

…and we found some natural treasures, too.

Grandma managed to get a few minutes of good snuggle time in, too, even though Jack was very clingy to mama all weekend.

Ice cream was a requirement, of course. And this time I made sure not to let Jack steal it all from me!

Souza’s even makes their own waffle cones! Mmm.

Sadly, we had to send Grandma home today.

Until next time…

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 26

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