In Real Life: Week 31

Happy Sunday! Our week 31 has been a bit crazy. But we did lots of exploring, so there’s lots to see!

Jack was very sad that he couldn’t open this door.

I felt a little like Alice, down the rabbit hole.

The Museum of Art & History is good at paying attention to details.

What do you burn for?


An unexpected find that I may need to come back to.

Look closely – the flowers are made of sheet music and the butterflies are vinyl records.

A philosophy I can get behind.

Old brick has so many details. I wonder what stories it would tell if it could.

Sunday morning coffee still life.

It would be okay with me if my living room looked like this.

I bought a bouquet of lavender and then hung it in my window to dry. It smelled so good all week and dried remarkably fast. Now it looks pretty in a vase on my bookshelf, and should for quite some time. WIN.

Good morning. ❤

Feeling good in my new dress.

I was so excited to see Tracy in Better Homes and Gardens while I was waiting at the doctor’s office!

He tests my patience more and more these days, but he sure is awfully cute.

I was feeling like I hadn’t been to West Cliff in too long, so Jack and I went for a walk after lunch.

File this under “Creative Uses for Sand Buckets.”

So many memorials (to fallen surfers, I assume).

The cliffs are a popular place to catch a wave, but awfully dangerous too.

California, USA.

The Boardwalk.

Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own town.

Example: I doubt I would have ever seen this amazing sculpture otherwise.

I’m still taking applications for a-friend-with-a-boat.

My little Linus.

I upgraded my planner in time for school to start in a couple of weeks. Ain’t she pretty?

Two Questions:

How long do the terrible twos last?

Can I buy Corona in bulk?

My newest Starbucks obsession is the Salted Cold Foam Cold Brew. It’s just sweet enough for my taste, and the saltiness takes the edge off. Plus, I mean, those streaks. C’mon now.

Farmer John is rocking those overalls.

We went to sweet Alice’s 1st birthday party, but didn’t stay as long as I had hoped because Jack desperately needed a nap and proceeded to have a giant meltdown.

But, of course, he dozed in the car on the way home and then didn’t want to nap when we got in.

I needed a break as much as he needed rest, so I put him in the pack-n-play with his favorite blankie and a snack and turned on his favorite movie. He didn’t seem to mind one bit, and mama got some much-needed quiet time.

Now I’m off to watch more baseball! Have a great week, everyone!

Let’s take a look into the past…

2017 Week 31

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