In Real Life: Week 6

Welcome back, friends! Are you ready to take a look back at week 6?

A good night to myself.

Deidre gave me a bunch of plants that she didn’t want to keep anymore. They were all in need of a good drink, so into the sink they went! Hopefully I can keep them all alive.

This has been a difficult week. I’ve been pulling a card from my affirmation deck each morning, and it’s been a little crazy how spot-on they’ve been with just what I need to hear.

I bought this cute little chair for my office. Oliver did the honors of breaking it in for me.

It’s kinda my favorite little spot right now.

These guys have been thriving on benign neglect this winter.

I’m a little surprised at how much they seem to like all the rain we’ve been having.

I almost killed this little purple one last summer, so I’m glad to see her doing so well.

My quarantine uniform has pretty much been leggings + tunic top or a cotton skater dress with or without leggings. I have to come accept that this is just who I am now.

Homemade diner brunch.

It’s a low bar we’ve set for ourselves here in America.

I want to be a well-kept housecat in my next life.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was happy and full of love! Have a great week 7!

2017: Week 6

2018: Week 6

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