Baby Starks: Week 10

Well, as I’m sure basically everyone knows by now… we’re having a baby!


After nearly a year of trying (the subject of another post entirely), we will finally be welcoming a new little bundle of joy in early December! We are beyond excited, and thrilled to finally be able to share the news.


We finally told James just a week or so ago, deciding to wait until after we had our first doctor’s appointment. We all dressed up and went out to Wilder Ranch to take some family photos, and surprised him with the news once we got there.


He’s been wanting a little brother or sister for a long time now, and, needless to say, he was pretty excited.


A few years ago, I followed one of my favorite bloggers through her pregnancy, as she posted weekly updates on how she was growing and changing, what symptoms she was experiencing and how she was dealing with them, and how they were preparing to welcome their first baby home. I simply loved reading those posts, so, this being my first (new! exciting!) pregnancy, when it finally happened for meΒ I thought that maybe I might want to do some too! I went back and forth on it – partially because it seems kind of selfish, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would really even care to see them – but then I decided that a) my mother and I live far away from each other, so she might appreciate getting to follow along, and b) who am I kidding, I would love to be able to look back and see how things changed once it has all come and gone. So follow along if you wish, or feel free to ignore if you don’t. But we’re doing this. πŸ™‚

Please forgive my picture. It’s just me, my tripod, and the self-timer on my DSLR here, and there aren’t a lot of good places in my apartment to take a picture that doesn’t have a bunch of clutter in the background. And yes, you get me in yoga pants because, hey, we’re keeping it real here!


Growth: Let’s be honest, most of that tummy is me right now. (Big surprise, I wasn’t exactly skinny to begin with.) And being only 10 weeks along, baby is still tiny and not really ready to make an appearance yet. But this is why I’ll be doing these photos… because hopefully soon we will start seeing some changes!

I’m only up 0.8 pounds from pre-pregnancy so far, a lot of which has to do with some gnarly nausea and lack of appetite. And before anyone freaks out, let me say that I am not obsessing over baby weight, it’s just another interesting piece of information that I’m keeping track of as we go along, because I like numbers and tangible things, ok?!

One – or should I say two – things that have definitely grown are *ahem* the girls. They’ve always been my biggest asset, if you will, but now they are definitely large and in charge. I think I’m gonna need a new bra before I need new pants.


How big is the baby? Who doesn’t love getting those updates that say “You baby is as big as _____!” I certainly do. The Ovia app lets me choose a theme – food, funny animals, game-related things – and this week it told me that our little peanut is the size of a little Lego man! I’m sure James will be thrilled to hear this. For food comparisons, baby is also the size of a kumquat. But those are hard to find in May, so we’ll stick with the Lego dude for now. πŸ™‚


How I’m feeling: The first couple of weeks were a breeze. I felt normal, was able to eat like normal, was still going to the gym… only thing I really noticed was some increased fatigue. Then I started having wicked heartburn in the evenings. Then I’d get about halfway through a meal and decide it didn’t taste good or I didn’t like the texture anymore. And then – right on time – right about week 6 the nausea hit and it has not gone away. It has definitely been worst in the morning for me, but it also comes and goes all day. The key to controlling it, I’m finding, has been to eat very frequently. Keep meals small but regular, and then eat a small snack – a banana, berries, yogurt, mandarin oranges, celery with ranch – every hour or so. By the end of the day, I pretty much do not want to eat anything else ever again – which is something my food-loving self never, ever thought I would say – because nothing sounds good and few things feel good once they go down, but I have to keep forcing them down or the nausea becomes really, really bad if my stomach becomes empty. But baby apparently has healthy taste, because the things that make me feel the best have honestly been fresh fruits and veggies. I did toast, saltines, goldfish, and other varieties of bland, processed carbs for a while, and after a while my tummy just didn’t like them anymore. (Which is good, considering that I have lots of risk factors for gestational diabetes, so it’s best if I lay off the carbs anyway.) Meals recently have been mostly a lot of homemade chicken soup, and rice and beans from the taqueria down the street. But sadly no tacos, and no spicy food for now.

I found that even with frequent snacks and meals, I was waking up at 3am terribly nauseated and sometimes retching with an empty stomach. I received some wise advice to eat something right before bed and then again immediately when I got up, but I’ve found that this was not enough. What I discovered last week is that I have to actually eat in the middle of the night. Like set an alarm for midnight, eat a bowl of granola with milk, and go back to bed. Then do the same thing when I get up for the day. It’s been the only way I don’t wake up overwhelmingly nauseated and behind the 8 ball for the rest of the day. It cuts into my sleep, but it helps me function better during the day, so it’s what I’m doing for now.

I also cannot stomach my prenatal vitamin right now. I’d been taking the same vitamin for many months prior to getting pregnant with no issues at all, but now it makes me so nauseated that I can’t bring myself to take it right now. The last time I took it I threw it back up 30 minutes later. I had also been taking a fish oil supplement that I also cannot deal with right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to taking both when my stomach is less sensitive.

In addition to the nausea, I’ve also had 2 colds in the last month, and I am always exhausted. It’s been really difficult to get myself off the couch when I’m not working, and there have been many marathons of Band of Brothers and Lord of the Rings. I’m hoping that come week 12 everything will finally get better like everyone keeps saying it will (and that I won’t be one of those unlucky women who feels like crap for her entire pregnancy), and when it does I will hopefully get back to working out and actually doing things again. But for now, I am lazy.

I haven’t had a ton of mood swings yet – except for that one day I watched Saving Private Ryan and bawled through most of it. And stupid California drivers make me extra rage-y lately. Otherwise I think I’ve been pretty level in the mood department.


One more photo from our shoot for S&Gs. πŸ™‚

And now that I’ve talked your ear off, I think we’ll call that good for now! See you guys back next week for week 11!