In Real Life: Week 3

Happy Sunday! Shall we take a look at this week?

No school on MLK Day meant some good extra mama & Jack time.

It was a gorgeous day, so we spent a good chunk of it outside.

Sometimes it hits me that he is definitely not a baby anymore… he is all little boy.

I took an afternoon nap with the window open and it felt so good.


Bedtime altar vibes.

Four going on forty…

Inauguration day was such a relief.

And what a momentous occasion… our first Latina Supreme Court Justice swearing in our first female (and first person of color and of South Asian heritage) Vice President.

I didn’t expect to get emotional, but I basically bawled through the entire inauguration. I don’t think I appreciated how much of a balm this day would feel like after the chaos of the last four years.

Feeling flirty.

Cozy kitty.

A fraction of my indoor jungle.

I realized the other day that I hadn’t worn jeans basically at all since quarantine began. No regrets… dresses for life.

Watch out for Joe Cool over here…

B and I had the brilliant idea to make Bahn Mi from scratch at home. The results were epic.

We also ate the pork over this Asian salad with rice noodles… /drool.

This is what happens when you pass out for the night at 5:30pm, then wake up super early… I took this photo at around noon, and after I moved him to bed he slept til almost 3. Talk about hung over!

And that’s all, folks! Have a great week 4!

2017: Week 3

2018: Week 3

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