In Real Life: Week 7

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here’s a look at week 7…

Jack came home on Monday to find a cute Valentine from Grandma and Auntie Nene. I told him to hold up his card and say cheese so we could send a picture to say thanks, and this is what I got (with lots of giggles, of course).

I’m glad I had the forethought to freeze the bone-in chunk of our Christmas ham, because it made some excellent ham beans this week.

Finding Jack’s paw patrol stickers all over the house makes me feel like I’m living in an episode of Blue’s Clues sometimes.

I mean, if I could fit I’d probably sit there to read too.

Cats and kids… “if I fits, I sits.”

I burned so much sage this week. I needed all the good juju I could get.

Many things feel very up in the air right now, and I’m struggling to find peace with it all. I find that a little ritual and reflection helps me feel better sometimes.

I had a BIG interview this week – like, dream job, big. I felt like it went well, but we’ll see what I hear next week.

This was my side table during my interview (Zoom, of course).

I love that he’s learning piano at school!

Music is so important to me, and I’m glad that recent events have reminded me of that.

Doesn’t he look like he’s posing for an awkward school photo? “Cheese!”

Trying a big body pillow and a weighted blanket to help Jack stay asleep in his own bed all night. So far we’re having mixed results.

A little me time.

More candle-making adventures! I made these on Friday and my house still smells like hippy heaven today. This patchouli is STRONG.

I repurposed these jars for candles and they are perfect!


I made a birthday cake for a very special someone this week.

I love this little mischievous face.

May we all remember to find beauty in the small things.

Have a great week 8, everyone! Can you believe February is already almost over?

2017: Week 7

2018: Week 7

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