In Real Life: Week 4

Happy Monday! Let’s look back at the last week of January 2021.

The highlight of this week was taking a little road trip to historic Coloma and Placerville.

Having not grown up in California, I previously new very little about the gold rush of 1849. So it was very neat to get to see the place where gold was first discovered in California, starting it all.

Our first day was cold but clear.

There were lots of neat old things to photograph, which made me happy, of course.

Like the ruins of the old jail…

…and cool replicas of old buildings…

…and even a couple of original buildings, like this one that served as a Chinese market.

There were even some nods to the Native American history of the area.

This giant rock (behind the trees) was used as a grinding stone. There are still holes in the rock where the Native Americans would pound grains and herbs (and other things, I’m sure), mortar and pestle style.

Just outside of town there was a fascinating old pioneer cemetary.

It was sad but unsurprising to see how many graves were simply marked “infant.” Thank god for modern living and modern medicine.

After exploring Coloma, we drove a little further and got to see real snow!

I grinned like an idiot the entire drive.

I missed the snow. Though, honestly, I’m glad I don’t have to live in it anymore.

There are Apple Hill stands all over in the Placerville area. It made my white girl heart happy.

This stand had all kinds of delicious locally-made stuff, including honey, jams, sauces, and pies.

I got this blackberry dumpling with some hot cider and was in heaven.

We stayed at this cool old hotel, which apparently has the second oldest still-working elevator west of the Mississippi. (We stayed on the third floor but weren’t brave enough to test it.)

It had all kinds of neat old features, like this amazing stained glass.

The hallways definitely had a Shining vibe, though.

Old downtown was a treat.

So many cool old buildings and features.

Placerville was well-known for its public hangings back in the day.

So much so that the town’s second name is actually Hangtown.

An adorable little plaza behind our hotel.

Hers and his.

A transplant for sure, but I’ll accept it.

Night moves.

We weren’t gone long, but Oliver still missed us.

I’m not sure what it says about me that the only souvenirs I brought back were local honey and good tea, but whatever it is seems accurate.

Spending some creative energy. Any guesses what we have here?

Look into the fire. (Also, I have like 6 different versions of this… it was a blast to edit.)

Got my office/exercise room basically finished this week. Now I really must accept that I have no excuses not to exercise… or to write… or to make art…

I’m not sure I have enough art supplies.

Hey inspiration… I’m ready for you anytime you wanna show up.

This guy has been so snuggly this week. (Also so much cat hair all over everything.)

This isn’t my picture, but I had to share it anyway… I love how much Jack loves these two.

I could eat these stuffed mushrooms until I die.

I also definitely need to recreate this bomb Italian sandwich. /drool

And with that, I shall wish you a happy February and a happy week 5!

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