In Real Life: Week 49

Happy Sunday! Here’s what our week 49 looked like…

We got our tree up!

Jack has been mesmerized.

Just like he was last year. (2 weeks old!)

He’s only taken like 3 ornaments off so far.

Some of my favorite ornaments are these pinecones I tied fishing wire around a few years ago.

Another favorite is this gondola car that we bought at Lake Tahoe on our first anniversary.

And, of course, this one will always be cherished.

And this one, too.

Almost 11 and still playing astronaut.

I put some of our extra decorations inside the wine barrel that serves as our coffee table. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

It’s so nice that we can meet Daddy for lunch on my days off.

Especially when there’s a brand new Habit Burger just down the street that’s handing out free food.

He was 30% off at the gift shop. It was clearly meant to be.

Gorgeous sky after work.

Came home to find this adorable cuddle puddle.

Pretty Christmas greens.

Important meeting at the Christmas duckie convention. (These were some of Jack’s first stocking stuffers!)

Breakfast is very serious business.

Saturday morning eeeeeeeats.

I ate a lot of good food on Saturday, actually.

Like this epic sushi roll.

And this Tamagoyaki that Pato convinced me to try.

This is why I like eating with Pato. He helps me try interesting foods that I would normally never even think of ordering.

Look at all that Nigiri! He’s a braver man than I.

Bow to sensei.

Started the night with whiskey. Finished with rum. (So much rum.)

And in other exciting things on Saturday, here’s before…


…and after! I’m really digging the red color and the shorter length.

I want a leopard print tree skirt.


And that’s a wrap! How was your week 49?


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