In Real Life: Week 14

Here’s what week 14 looked like for us…

Getting better at sitting up!

Sunday was the perfect day to watch some opening day baseball (even though the Giants blew it in the last inning, like they always do) and to grill some awesome homemade burgers.

I have walked by this piece of art at work hundreds of times, and only this week noticed that it had faces in it. What?

Mark it on the calendar: little ol’ type-A me went on a trip with my family this week, and didn’t pack a single thing until the morning we left. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.

Oliver was sure amused by all the open suitcases, though.

Ready for takeoff!

I was hopeful that Jack might stay asleep for the flight to Phoenix, but he woke up not long after takeoff. Luckily it was a short flight, and he was a good boy the whole way.

Southwest always takes good care of us.

Looking awfully cute in Daddy’s hat.

Jack and I finally got to meet Robbie’s grandparents! Grandma was so thrilled to have a baby in her house again.

Jack – who is now in the “I’m terrified of new faces” phase – was not always so excited.

On our first real day there, we had intended to spend the morning at Legoland and the afternoon at the pool. But then we saw the pool and decided, nah, we’d just stay there all day.

There aren’t words to express how excited I was to dress Jack up in swimming clothes. How adorable is this hat?

My water babies! Jack did not appreciate the cold water of the pool, but he did like the hot tub. He actually seemed to enjoy getting to float and kick!

Not a bad place to be trapped under a hungry, sleepy baby.

This looks like a good place for a nap.

We went to a little western art gallery, too. I was sad that we didn’t get much time there, because I could have spent all day looking at this stuff.

We did finally make it to Legoland the next day. (In case you can’t tell, that’s a giant lego octopus, fighting giant lego spacemen. Obviously.)

The builds were seriously impressive. This spaceship actually blasted off every 5 minutes, complete with “smoke.”

Seriously, so cool.

Oh, to be a ten-year old boy.

All aboard!

They did not spare any detail. Not even for the lighting.

Getting tips from the resident “master builder.”

Jack was pretty amused by the large lego figures.

Then, of course, we went back to the pool.

And then pizza with the whole family!

Doesn’t Robbie look just like his grandfather?

I was kind of in love with all the desert plants.

If only spiders didn’t like to lay eggs inside cacti, I would totally get one.

On our last day, we played a round on the putting green.

We put Grandpa on baby watch.

I kinda wish I could have this sign off the Jimmy John’s bathroom door to hang on my own.

Thankfully, Jack slept for almost the entire flight home. I even got a little nap in, myself!

After a long week, it was nice to just be home today. Robbie grilled a tri-tip, and I roasted some asparagus and broccolini. All felt right with the world.

James was happy to spend the whole day in his pajamas and working on the awesome lego set he got at Legoland.

All in all, a very good week!

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

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