In Real Life: Week 15

It’s been a great week 15! Here’s what it looked like…

Two-toned tulips. Say that three times fast.

Work was handing out pins with various words on them. I chose this one.

I’ve been skipping the elevator at work. It’s good for my booty. But man, it’s hard to stay committed when most of my patients are on the fourth floor.

Ever since I got pregnant with Jack, my hair has started curling on its own. Sometimes I rather enjoy it.

I parked in a different place for a change, and realized that there is a big open field behind the garage. I thought it was neat.

Did you realize that cut tulips continue growing in length as they bloom?

My mom came for a visit this weekend! Naturally, we spent the whole first afternoon at the beach.

Beach babe!

We could have stayed here all day.

I almost didn’t share this one because, obviously, it’s not the most flattering photo of me. But this is official footage of the first time Jack’s feet touched the ocean. (He cried because it was too cold, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Under the wharf.

Grandma’s happy place.

I think we’re going to have to make this a regular thing this summer.

This trestle has been here a little while.

We finished the day with a cold glass of wine and some surf and turf.

“I think you should do the PayPal thing so we can have more lobster.”

We love the quilt that Aunts Susie and Meggie (Nene) made for Jack.

Introducing Grandma to Rogue One. Also, carrot cake.

Bacon + avocado toast.

Talking with Grandma.

Off to the farmers market!

Somebody likes carrots.

Daddy’s hat.

Love  bug!

A wild Oliver stalking his prey.

Mom gave me a red solo cup full of white wine while we were sitting outside, and, because I am now a lightweight, I may have been slightly drunk before we even got to dinner. And then I kept it going with this bomb margarita.

And then I got all introspective about fajitas, and how they’re such attention whores, what with the sizzling plate, and taking up the whole table, and whatnot…

And then, today, we went out for a little Easter brunch.

And Mom and I kept the party going with a very tasty peach bellini.

We like to dance!

I shouldn’t have eaten this. But it was soooooo good.

Peanut turned 5-months old on Friday! I’ve been trying all weekend to get a good photo, and I finally got it today. He looks an awful lot like my dad here.

Sporting the new bib Auntie Nene sent him. (We subsequently got pureed carrots all over it.)

Oliver claimed his own Easter basket.

And now we’re off to take Grandma to the airport, noooooooo!

Have a great week, everyone. 🙂

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