In Real Life: Week 19

Take a peek at our week 19 of 2017!

Sunday was a good day for grilling. I had to basically unhinge my jaw to fit this in my mouth, lol.

It was also a good day to just chill outside in my new, low-to-the-ground beach chair. Jack was surprisingly entertained by the passing clouds.

Pretty foliage.


Sometimes I fantasize about getting the Kraken logo tattooed on my ankle.

When I first started using the bullet journaling method, I decided that I would stick to one color for everything and just change it every month. But lately I’m finding that I actually like having different colors for different categories. It’s working for now… we’ll see if it sticks.

Robbie makes the best tuna melts. But when he isn’t around, I don’t do half bad myself.

Smiley boy!


Couch potato.

I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal this week. Usually I throw in walnuts and dried cranberries, but one day I forgot to pack them and had to use some trail mix out of my snack drawer at work. What a bummer.

With the jasmine in bloom, the walk into work from the garage smells AMAZING.

Seriously. I don’t know how one tiny flower can pack so much scent.

He’s definitely figured out how to put his toes in his mouth. Now the dilemma becomes, which to eat first, the foot or the toy?


I had to renew my Basic Life Support certification this week. Baby, baby… are you okay?!


I cannot even deal with this face.


I took instant ramen and made it better.

Visiting Daddy at work!


This made me think of Tracy.

Mama’s boy. ❤

We went to Mother’s Day breakfast at our favorite spot.

As usual, the eggs Benedict did not disappoint.

Jack even tried the high chair like a big boy! Though he didn’t stay there long… he still doesn’t have quite enough control to keep from sliding around and tipping over.

Then I went off to do my own thing at The Verve for a while.

Mama needed some introverted time.

An almond croissant is a totally acceptable lunch on Mother’s Day, right?

Mmm… flakey.

That one little pink-flowered plant at the top of the garage caught my eye.

Last year on Mother’s Day, we formally announced that we were pregnant. And now on this Mother’s Day, my baby boy had his official half birthday! I know all moms say this, but really… where did it go?! I feel like if I blink he’ll be in kindergarten next.

He’s so much fun these days… babbling all day long with real consonant sounds like bbbb and ddd and zzz (he’s really threatening to make dada his first word, despite my attempted brainwashing of mama-mama every five minutes since birth)… and eating all kinds of pureed foods, like pears and squash and apples and sweet potatoes and bananas and carrots and prunes… and using his bottom to scoot himself into better vantage points for seeing things… and definitely taking anything within reach (like my very interesting 6-months sticker) and trying to put it in his mouth. He’s made many leaps this month!

And the Piece de Resistance of my Mother’s Day experience, was the luxury of getting to spend an hour over the stove cooking whatever I wanted for dinner. Which in this case, wound up being spring risotto with peas and lemon, garlic-lemon sautéed shrimp, and blanched asparagus with – you guessed it – more lemon. Yummmmm.

We’re staring down the barrel of 20 weeks now! If this year were a baby we’d be finding out the gender any day now, lol…

Have a great week, friends!

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