In Real Life: Week 44

Here’s what our week 44 looked like…

I started my solo Sunday by getting breakfast at The Verve.

Their bathroom floor is neat.

Then I went down to the cliffs to enjoy the waves for a while.

The bark of a tree worn smooth by the ocean.

Somebody had a good time.

Step in, if you dare.

Frozen dumplings make a damn tasty single-lady lunch. Homemade spicy tahini sauce makes it even better.

I’ll admit: I’ve been looking forward to dressing Jack up for Halloween basically since last year.

Is there anything more adorable than this baby Yoda?

He wasn’t too sure about the hat, though.

We had a hard time keeping it on, actually.

We skipped trick or treating this year, since we didn’t need the candy and Jack wouldn’t have understood it anyway. But we did drop in to a little party our friend was kind enough to host.

I suppose I should be grateful that they waited until November 1st to bust out the Christmas cups.

My latest little crafting project.

These little owls were fun to put together!

It rained this week!

Thank you, Costco, for making this tasty lunch so easy to throw together.

Don’t smoke, kids.

Baby is enjoying his early birthday gift from Grandma Carrie.

Side note: how is my baby almost a year old?!

“Love all, feed all.”

Fancy-looking, but so simple. And delicious!

Mom’s night potluck!

Have a great week 45!

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