In Real Life: Week 4

Hello friends! Let’s take a look at week 4!

Sundays are for waffles. Mmm.

And lunch for two.

And movie dates with your favorite 11-year old.

Finally saw the new Star Wars. OMG it was so good!

Tuesdays are for tacos.

And getting back to the gym.

I met my 3-times-per-week goal this week, and felt so strong!

A short yoga practice on my day off was also really nice.

The magnolias at work are starting to bloom, and it’s the best.

We’ve had some gorgeous sunrises this week, too.

This peanut had his first ear infection this week.

We snuggled lots on my day off.

Apparently the froggy wanted goldfish, too.

Saturday I got up bright and early to go to a lung conference.

It was at a local country club, so everything was very fancy.

Even me!

I spent the day listening to some great lectures from doctors, nurse practitioners, and respiratory therapists about what’s new in the world of pulmonary care.

I enjoyed the scenery on our breaks.

Hey there!

Afterward, I was treated to an amazing sunset walk along the coast.

California is made for lovers.

Hello, deer!

Another great day, come to a close.

I felt a little cannibalistic eating calamari. But it was sooooo good.

And that mule hit the spot.

Epic fancy dinner, FTW.

Corned beef benedict, what?

The Monterey Bay never ceases to amaze me.

Always take the opportunity to explore a little.

My siren song.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Have a great week 4, everyone!

Take a Look into the Past:

2017 Week 4

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