In Real Life: Week 21

Here’s a peek at our 21st week of 2017…

“Yes ma’am? May I help you?”

My mama paid for me to have a massage as a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

I found this lovely little spa nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains a couple of years ago via Groupon. I’m always impressed at the feel of her outdoor space.

It’s just lush, and full of details.

Baby birds! Gotta love spring.

Tostada remnants.

James thought my Henry Weinhard’s root beer was so cool. I matched the editing to his old west attitude.

The rest of Sunday consisted of a lot of food prep.

Including this whole chicken, which I butterflied and roasted on the grill.

Sometimes I’m good at this game.

A perfect mid-week hike.

There’s a little trail a few miles from home, which i used to hike a lot before I got pregnant with Jack.

It was always one of my favorite places to think and meditate and pray.

I used to spend a lot of time asking God why he wouldn’t let me have a baby.

And now I get to bring Jack, and all feels complete.

I noticed a lot of new details on our hike.

Like this tree, which I’ve walked past dozens of times, but never realized was twisted until this week.


I love how even amongst decay, there is still life.

We even made a new (furry) friend on the trail.

My sweet, sleepy boys.

Froyo with Auntie Critto.

Jack was pretty happy to have a bottle with a handle on it. He’s getting pretty good at feeding himself.

Friday got off to a good start.

Sunny Saturday.

I don’t always love being a widow to swordfighting. Even though that’s been my life in one way or another for nearly 10 years now.

But I do love how badass my husband looks when he’s in his groove.

Passion tea and Birks. Feels like summer.


We got a babysitter for a change and checked out this neat little taproom with some friends.

The place was hopping! And the beer was pretty good.

They had beers from a ton of different breweries, including quite a few local places. I sampled several. Even the local kombucha that Pato accidentally poured was quite tasty.

And then I got to come home to this sweet boy, who apparently wasn’t quite ready for bed yet.

And that’s a wrap! Have a great week 22, everyone!

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